Top 10 Multicultural Cities to Settle in Canada

Canada, renowned for being one of the most diverse countries, boasts multicultural cities that exemplify its inclusive ethos. As the local Canadian population experiences a decline, the rapid expansion of regional industries necessitates a substantial influx of international immigrants to sustain the country's economic growth.

These immigrants play a vital role in bridging gaps within the Canadian labor market and invigorating the economy through their patronage of Canadian goods. The result has been many multicultural cities in Canada full of diversity.

Canada is a beacon of openness and hospitality towards immigrants. Its longstanding legal policy spanning over 50 years ensures fair and respectful treatment and comprehensive support for their successful assimilation into Canadian society. Within these dynamic and vibrant cities, one can discover the beauty and richness of Canada's multicultural tapestry. Let’s explore some of the most diverse cities in Canada. Which beautiful multicultural city do you want to settle in?

Why are Canadian Cities so Diverse?

Why are Canadian Cities so Diverse?

As a result of the abundant work opportunities, welcoming reception and certain other significant perks of life in Canada, like the high-quality education, fantastic infrastructure and a high average standard of living, Canada welcomes over 400,000 newcomers every year.

One of the major results of this influx of immigrants is that Canada is home to some of the most diverse cities in the world. As a result, many Canadian cities are widely considered the best places to immigrate to.

One of the major reasons for this is Canada's Multiculturalism Policy of 1971. This policy stated that the Canadian government was actively enforcing the cultural freedom of all individuals and providing recognition of the cultural contributions of diverse ethnic groups to Canadian society.

The policy is bent on both allowing and supporting the proliferation of a wide array of cultures in Canada, provided they subscribe to a basic understanding of mainstream Canadian culture, such as speaking functional English or French, obeying the laws of Canada and respecting the existing cultures in Canada.

As a result, Canada is seen as a haven for foreign nationals looking to take advantage of the abundant opportunities present in Canada without having to relinquish their cultural heritage.

Today, Canada's major population centers are some of the most multicultural places in the world, but which are the most diverse cities in Canada? Here, we look at the top multicultural cities in Canada and what it is about them that has caused people from all over the world to make these cities their new homes.

Top 10 Most Diverse Cities in Canada

Top 10 Most Diverse Cities in Canada

Canada, known as one of the most diverse countries in the world, prides itself on its multicultural fabric and inclusive ethos. From the most diverse city in Canada to the most multicultural city in the world, each destination offers a beautiful multicultural experience that celebrates different cultures, religions, and traditions. Join us as we delve into these fascinating cities, where blending cultures creates a tapestry of vibrant communities and fosters a sense of belonging for residents and newcomers alike.


Toronto, known as the most multicultural city in the world, and is a vibrant tapestry of diverse communities. With a foreign-born population of over 50%, it proudly embraces its status as a melting pot of cultures. The city has numerous vibrant neighborhoods reflecting its multiculturalism, such as Chinatown, Little Italy, and Greektown.

These enclaves offer a taste of their respective cultures, with bustling markets, authentic cuisine, and cultural festivals. Toronto also houses many religious institutions, including mosques, temples, and churches, catering to the spiritual needs of its diverse residents. Migrant organizations, such as settlement agencies and community centers, provide essential support services for newcomers, facilitating their integration and fostering a sense of belonging.


Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, showcases a multicultural fabric that enriches its social and cultural landscape. As a government and diplomatic hub, it attracts many international residents. The city boasts a diverse population, with approximately one-third of its residents born outside of Canada.

Ottawa accommodates various ethnic communities, including a vibrant Chinatown and a rich African diaspora. Its multicultural identity is further reinforced by mosques, churches, and temples, where different faiths find a place of worship and community engagement. Migrant organizations play an active role in Ottawa, offering support services, language classes, and cultural programs, ensuring a smooth transition for newcomers.


Markham, a suburban city near Toronto, prides itself on its multicultural character. With a foreign-born population of over 60%, it exemplifies Canada's multicultural mosaic. The city is renowned for its Chinese community, particularly in the bustling neighborhood of Markham Chinatown.

Here, residents and visitors can explore authentic Chinese cuisine, visit specialized shops, and experience traditional festivals. Markham also embraces other cultural communities, such as South Asian, Middle Eastern, and European. Mosques, temples, and cultural centers contribute to the city's diverse religious and social fabric. The presence of migrant organizations strengthens the sense of community, providing resources and services that facilitate integration and celebrate cultural heritage.


Mississauga, a bustling city neighboring Toronto, thrives as a multicultural hub. With a significant immigrant population, it showcases diverse cultures and traditions. The city embraces its multiculturalism through vibrant ethnic neighborhoods and cultural events.

It hosts one of the largest South Asian communities in Canada, with a bustling Little India where one can find authentic cuisine, vibrant markets, and clothing stores. Mississauga also features various cultural and religious institutions, including mosques, gurdwaras, and churches, catering to the spiritual needs of its diverse residents. Migrant organizations contribute to community building, fostering connections, and providing valuable resources for newcomers.


Vancouver, a stunning coastal city in British Columbia, is renowned for its multicultural ambiance. Over 50% of its population is foreign-born, reflecting the city's welcoming nature. Vancouver's cultural diversity is evident through its vibrant neighborhoods, such as Chinatown, where traditional Chinese architecture, markets, and restaurants abound.

The city also celebrates its rich mixture of cultures, including Punjabi, Filipino, and Latin American communities. Mosques, temples, and churches are prominent features, offering spiritual solace to residents of various faiths. Vancouver houses numerous migrant organizations that support newcomers, promoting integration and preserving cultural heritage.


Montreal, the largest city in the province of Quebec, embraces its multiculturalism with a distinctive blend of French and English influences. The city attracts a diverse population, with immigrants contributing significantly to its cultural fabric. Montreal boasts vibrant neighborhoods like Chinatown, Little Italy, and the Latin Quarter, where visitors and residents can immerse themselves in the rich heritage of these communities.

Mosques, churches, and synagogues dot the city, catering to the spiritual needs of different religious groups. Montreal also prides itself on its multicultural events and festivals, such as the International Jazz Festival and the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, which celebrate diversity and unite people. Migrant organizations in Montreal play a vital role in supporting newcomers, offering language classes, settlement services, and cultural programs that facilitate integration and promote cross-cultural understanding.


The beautiful multicultural city of Calgary, Alberta, embraces multiculturalism as a key aspect of its identity. A growing immigrant population fosters a sense of inclusivity and diversity. While Calgary does not have specific ethnic enclaves like Chinatown, it celebrates various cultures through its diverse neighborhoods and cultural events.

The city is home to mosques, temples, and churches, catering to the spiritual needs of various religious communities. Migrant organizations in Calgary provide essential resources and support to newcomers, helping them navigate the local community and establish connections.


Hamilton, a city in Ontario, showcases a multicultural landscape that reflects its rich history and diverse population. With a growing immigrant population, the city embraces different cultures and traditions.

Hamilton hosts various ethnic festivals, such as the Festival of Friends and the Greek Fest, where residents and visitors can experience the vibrant multicultural heritage. The city features places of worship representing different faiths, including mosques, temples, and churches. Migrant organizations in Hamilton actively contribute to community integration by providing services and resources that facilitate the settlement process and promote cultural exchange.


Edmonton, Alberta’s capital, is known for its multicultural makeup and inclusive atmosphere. With a significant immigrant population, the city prides itself on embracing diversity. Edmonton features cultural neighborhoods, such as Chinatown and Little Italy, where residents and visitors can explore authentic cuisine, specialty shops, and cultural events.

As one of the most diverse cities in Canada, it also houses various places of worship, including mosques, temples, and churches, catering to the religious needs of its diverse community. Migrant organizations in Edmonton are pivotal in supporting newcomers, offering language classes, settlement assistance, and community programs that foster a sense of belonging.


Brampton, a suburban city near Toronto, may not be the most diverse city in the world, but it stands out for its multicultural character and vibrant immigrant communities. The city has a diverse population, with a significant South Asian presence, particularly of Indian and Sikh communities.

Brampton's cultural diversity is reflected in its bustling markets, where visitors can find authentic South Asian products and through the numerous temples and gurdwaras that serve as religious and cultural centers. Migrant organizations in Brampton actively engage with newcomers, providing valuable support services and resources that promote integration and preserve cultural heritage. The city's multicultural fabric is celebrated through events like the Carabram festival, showcasing different cultures worldwide.

These cities, each with its unique multicultural landscape, exemplify Canada's commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and the harmonious coexistence of different cultures and communities.

Why Multiculturalism Matters

Why Multiculturalism Matters

Multiculturalism matters deeply in Canada as it is a fundamental pillar of the nation's identity and values. Canada's commitment to multiculturalism recognizes the diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives that individuals bring to the country. It acknowledges that fostering inclusivity and embracing diversity are essential for social cohesion, harmony, and the overall well-being of Canadian society.

Multiculturalism in Canada promotes understanding and respect among different cultures, allowing for the exchange of ideas, customs, and traditions. It encourages individuals to celebrate their heritage while also embracing the broader Canadian identity. By recognizing and valuing diverse perspectives, multiculturalism enhances social integration and strengthens the sense of belonging for all residents, regardless of their ethnic or cultural backgrounds.

Furthermore, multiculturalism plays a crucial role in driving innovation, creativity, and economic growth. It brings together a variety of experiences, skills, and knowledge, fostering collaboration and the exchange of ideas that can lead to breakthroughs in various fields. Multiculturalism also contributes to international diplomacy and trade, as Canada's diverse population can build bridges and connections with different countries and cultures around the world.

Multiculturism is also a by-product of Canada's inclusive and welcoming immigration systems. Canada has marketed itself as a top destination for immigrants all over the world, and a major pull factor to many newcomers is the idea of living in a diverse society. 


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What is the Most Diverse Province in Canada?

British Columbia stands as the most culturally diverse province in Canada, attracting over 40,000 new immigrants annually. This vibrant province embraces its multicultural fabric, fostering an inclusive society that thrives on mutual respect and understanding. The rich tapestry of cultures in British Columbia contributes to a thriving and harmonious community, where diversity is celebrated and individuals from all backgrounds find a sense of belonging.

Live in The Most Diverse City in Canada

Canada proudly boasts some of the most multicultural cities in the world, providing an opportunity for you to make one of them your cherished new home, where you can embrace diversity, build connections, and thrive in a beautiful multicultural society.

Now that you are familiar with Canada's most multicultural cities, the decision to immigrate becomes clearer and more enticing. The diverse and vibrant communities in these cities offer a welcoming and inclusive environment for individuals from all walks of life.