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Fundy National Park

Updated: August 11th, 2020

Hopewell Rocks in Fundy National Park, New Brunswick

Want to come and visit Canada? Then the Fundy National Park is a must-see destination for all you nature lovers out there. Boasting the world's highest tides that rise up some 46 feet with the iconic Bay of Fundy and pristine alpine forests to explore, Fundy National Park allows you to immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes, from woodlands like the Arcadia Forest to the tidal pools along the Bay of Fundy.

Great Winter Activities to Do in Fundy National Park

Couple hiking with snow shoes through Canadian forest

Great news if you want to enjoy this winter wonderland of Fundy National Park. From the 19th of January, 2018 the park is starting up overland winter skiing. Traverse the grounds with either the Chignecto Recreation Area trail (18km) for those veterans or take a more leisurely stroll in the snow with the Caribou Plain Trail (2.1km) for beginners.

Think that biking is not a thing in winter? Think again. With Fat Biking, you can explore the park’s trails at your leisure no matter the terrain.

Want to get around in the Canadian style? Why not try out snowshoes? Trek your way around the park in 2 easy trails, either the Caribou Plain Trail (2.1km) or the really easy Salmon River Trail (1km).

Awesome Summer Activities to Do in Fundy National Park

Dickson falls in Fundy National Park New Brunswick

Come summer the Fundy National Park is a great place to visit in Canada for those who love the great outdoors. When the snow melts you can explore even further along a multitude of hiking trails which stretch out to over 100 km.

If you love the water then going canoeing or kayaking down the local river is a must. The local fishing village of Alma offers tours up to the Bay of Fundy where you can paddle past the Hopewell Rocks or the nicknamed “Flower Pots” with their towering, red, sandstone rock formations.

If you want to take a leisure day on the green, the Fundy National Park also includes a stunning 9 hole golf course, designed by the architect Stanley Thompson.

From fishing for trouts in the Wolfe Lake, to taking a dip in heated salt pools and even the Bennette Lake. There is so much for you to do in the summer months in Fundy National Park. If you want more information why not visit the Fundy National Park website.

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