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Our Publishing Standards of Practice

Updated: September 28th, 2022

At, we make sure our content is set to a specific set of principles to ensure our content is correct, valid, original, easy to read and, most importantly, loaded with as much beneficial information as possible.

Our goal is for our customers to gain valuable knowledge and an understanding of the intricacies of the Canadian immigration system, as well as the legitimacy of our enterprise from our site. So our content is there to give you a taste of the accurate information you can expect from our products and affiliates, presented in a digestible, inclusive and accessible format designed to make all vital information clear, easy to find, valid, actionable and relevant. Here's how we do that.


Our content writing team is highly trained on the topics they write for, to ensure all of our information comes from a highly knowledgeable place. We always check official sources to corroborate our information.

When it comes to fact-checking, we are very strict. We exclusively work with the most valid sources - primarily focusing on the Canadian government's given word, an affiliate or a peer-reviewed well-trusted source. In addition, we'll often utilize multiple sources to corroborate claims or statistics to ensure the objectivity and legitimacy of the facts we bring to light and keep our information consistent across our site.

We employ a stringent fact-checking protocol before publishing. Our content is continually reviewed in-house before publication. On top of this, we often ask our Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants to corroborate the information presented in our range. After the content is published, we continue to inspect it, mainly if there are any current policy or information changes since the publish date. If there is, we change the content accordingly. As a result, we are constantly ensuring that the information we give our customers is valid, relevant, up to date and complete.

We take all forms of plagiarism very seriously and utilize top-level plagiarism checkers to ensure our information is original and tailored to our customer base. In addition, if we use outside sources to back up our information, we make a point of reference.


While we leave the general structure of our content up to our content writers, we employ a few principles to ensure our information comes across as clearly and concisely as possible. First, we ensure to bring our information across in short, to-the-point paragraphs. This allows data to be absorbed quickly and easily, and we make sure to use many headings to make navigation as easy as possible.

We also utilize document elements like bullet points, lists, infographics, videos and tables to enhance the user experience with our content. If we introduce a concept that we do not have the space to discuss in sufficient detail, we make a point to link to our content that does. We have an absolute minimum of two internal links per blog but often do as many as possible to ensure that every concept introduced in the content is fully explained.


When it comes to a specific writing style, we believe in letting our writers' flair shine, but we always ensure that style reflects the company effectively and doesn't get in the way of the information. This is a central focal point for our reviews before and after publishing. This ensures our customers come away from us with as much information on the Canadian immigration system, the procedures and requirements. It’s also a priority to give the reader as good an understanding of our services as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

At the end of every blog, page or article we produce, we include a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. These questions are specifically to help clarify any areas that may not have been addressed in the main content or to cater to those in a specific situation that would not necessarily be relevant to the main content. All FAQs must be on topic. However, FAQs cannot ask questions already answered in the range. They must always add new information or offer a pathway to further information via an internal link. In addition to this, the RCICs personally answer these FAQs, adding immense value to the content which we proudly publish.

With such a detailed protocol in place, it's no surprise that our content remains informative, consistent and easy to read for all our clients. The quality of our content is our customers' first taste of what our company has to offer, so ensuring that our content is always up to standard is pivotal to us.

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