Top 5 Universities To Study in Canada

It is a known fact that Canada has a high educational standard and as such, offers top-quality schools and universities to learn from. As a world leader in language education, Canada’s multicultural society has welcomed over 300 000 international students to learn at their prestigious institutions throughout the years.

University logo of Toronto

University of Toronto

This prestigious institution is located in the largest city in Canada and is ranked as the 34th best internationally. Established in 1827, the University of Toronto (U of T) has received great acclaim for its research innovations and is also the pioneer of stem cell and insulin research. Other areas that the university is widely praised for are literacy criticism as well as communication and theory. U of T is home to students from over 161 countries worldwide and offers about 700 undergraduate programs in Humanities & Social Sciences, Life Sciences, Physical & Mathematical Sciences, Commerce & Management, Computer Science, Engineering, Kinesiology & Physical Education, Music and Architecture. The university itself is so large that it has 3 separate campuses to accommodate all of its students.

University of Brtish Columbia logo

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia (UBC) ranks 40th in the world’s best universities. Since its inception in 1915, the university has “embraced innovation and challenged the status quo” by offering leading educational programs which attract over 13,000 international students from 155 countries annually. Located in the west coast, UBC has campuses in Vancouver and Kelowna and offers 300 undergraduate programs to both local and international students. The largest faculties include Science, Medicine and Business.

University logo of Alberta

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta, also known as “UAlberta,” strives to be amongst the world’s best universities and has just about achieved that goal by ranking 96th. UAlberta is most sought-after for its arts and humanities programs but offers 200 undergraduate programs to choose from. Over 8000 students who attend this university are international and belong to the unique communities on campus. This university is most renowned for having interesting facilities and programs such as NINT: The National Institution for Nanotechnology, the Timms Centre for Arts, the School for Energy and Environment and also a faculty for Native Studies to name a few.

logo of University of Montreal

Université de Montreal

Offering one of Canada’s prominent research facilities, The Université de Montreal (UdeM) was the first among Quebec’s teaching and research institutions. The University has also been labeled as the world’s best French-speaking comprehensive university. Located in the heart of Canada’s culture capital, UdeM is excessively diverse and welcoming to all international students and even has an office specifically dedicated to making their stay more comfortable. The university offers a variety of interesting sectors such as design, information technology, aerospace and biotechnology to name a few. The campus comprises of 40 buildings and occupies 65 hectares of land, clustered around the Art Deco tower of Roger-Gaudry Hall.

logo of the University of Calgary

University of Calgary

Last but not least, the University of Calgary (UCalgary) is diverse in the sense that it “combines the best of university tradition with the city of Calgary’s vibrant energy.” Facing the beautiful Rocky Mountains, UCalgary is situated in Downtown Calgary and offers over 200 academic programs which include arts, athletics, science, medicine, engineering, volunteerism and business. This university has earned its spot on the world’s ranking list for being the birthplace of the neurochip. Among other priorities, UCalgary is very focused on the community and integration which means that international students are always welcome.

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