Montreal City Guide

Old Montreal, Quebec, Canada in the early morning

The island city of Montreal is the 2nd largest city in Canada, and has been rated as one of the most liveable cities in the world and is also known to be one of the happiest places in the world to live in.

Montreal is also a hotspot for culture and is known as the “Design Capital” of Canada, showcasing many world-renowned art galleries, museums and stunning old french style architecture.

Welcome to Montreal, Quebec

Welcome to Montreal, Quebec, one of Canada’s most celebrated cities. From Montreal’s community, healthcare, demographics and more. Learn why people love Montreal, Quebec! READ MORE HERE!

10 Fun Facts About Montreal, Quebec

How much do you really know about Montreal, Quebec? Discover 10 fun facts about Montreal that we bet you didn’t know. READ MORE HERE!

Cost of Living in Montreal, Quebec

How much can you expect to spend in Montreal, Quebec when you live in Canada? We want to help you find the answers. From the average rent prices in Montreal, to groceries costs. READ MORE HERE!

Education in Montreal, Quebec

Do you want to study in Canada? Learn about what universities are available for international students, like the McGill University. Discover how the public schooling system of Montreal works and how it can benefit you! READ MORE HERE!

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Montreal, Quebec

Is Canada on your tourist destination list? Well if should be. Check out our fantastic top 10 reasons to visit Montreal, Quebec! From the iconic and breathtaking Notre Dame Basilica, to the green gardens fantasy Jardin Botanique, discover why Montreal should be on your list. READ MORE HERE!

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