Canada is a country that has a strong sense of community. Members of the community enjoy the opportunity to share knowledge and resources with others in their area.

Festivals and cultural attractions:

Festivals and events are held across Canada that celebrate culture and diversity. From winter to Wild West events, Canada has it all. Read more.


As a multicultural and diverse country, Canada has become a popular choice for immigrants from all over the world. This has led to many cultural and religious organisations assisting newcomers to find jobs, becoming part of the community and creating friendships. Read more.


Canadian employers look for applicants who have some kind of volunteer experience in their resume. This has become an essential part of gaining “Canadian experience.” Read more.

Places of worship:

There are many places of worship located throughout Canada. Discover your community and local events. Read more.

Religious rights:

Canada is a tolerant and accepting country that values human rights above all else. Make sure you know your religious rights. Read more.

Summer programs:

These programs are incredibly popular in Canada. Kids can enjoy sports and cultural activities in a safe environment at day or overnight camps. Read more.

Outdoor activities:

Canadians tend to love spending their time hiking, cycling and exploring the great outdoors. There are many national parks to discover close to major cities. Read more.





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