Consumer Protection

It is your right to be protected as a consumer and Canada has many associations that can assist you with your complaints and queries.

Consumer rights

In Canada you should expect to:

  • Pay only for the products or services you have agreed to buy
  • Have retailers and manufacturers honour their warranties or guarantees
  • Be protected against products or services that are hazardous to your health
  • Be entitled to return or exchange products if there is a product exchange or return policy
  • Be able to complain to the merchant or supplier if you are not satisfied with a product or service
  • Have your privacy respected and protected
  • Be able to complain to public agencies

How do I make a customer complaint?

Phone call

It is your responsibility to complain and report any issues if you receive goods and services that are of a poor standard.

The first step is to bring the issue to the attention of the company itself by making a phone call. It is usually recommended that you collect any receipts, proof of payments and details of the company itself, as well as any contact details of the people that you deal with in resolving your complaint.

When you explain the issue, you should speak to one of the senior managers who can assist you more effectively than a customer service agent (depending on the severity of the issue).

Letter or email

You can also write a letter or email to the relevant people in the company explaining the exact situation in detail as well as attaching any receipts and warranties that are necessary to represent your case. Make your request to resolve the issue by making a refund and explain when you would like this refund completed.

Consumer Protection complaint

If your issue is not resolved using these tactics, then you can file a complaint through the Consumer Protection branch in your province. This can be done by filling out your details on the Canadian Consumer Information website.

Small Claims Court

If there is personal property and money involved in your complaint and your issue has still not been resolved, it is recommended that you then take your issue to the Small Claims Court in your province. There are also public services that can assist you in making a complaint.





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