As one of the strongest economies in the world, Canada is a wealthy country with many successful industries and job opportunities.

Basic information:

Discover all that you will need regarding the economy of Canada, the demographics and GDP of the country.
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Canada economic structure:

Canada has many policies in place that dictate future infrastructure spending and resulting economic growth.
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Key industries:

There are three key industries in Canada, including the services sector, manufacturing and natural resources trade.
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Mining sector:

As one of the most prosperous sectors in Canada, the mining industry accounts for a large portion of the GDP and is one of the most successful in the world.
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Relations with the U.S:

Canada and the U.S share more than just a border, including trade agreements, policies and environmental laws.
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Median household income:

Each province has its own cost of living expenses, as well as salary expectations.
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Provinces and territories by gross domestic product:

Each province and territory has successfully achieved a solid GDP in the past few years.
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