From breathtaking lakes to bustling cities, explore and learn about all that Canada has to offer. Its diverse 13 provinces and territories each boast memorable attractions, unique cultures and cater to diverse lifestyles.

Find out more in our provincial guides and start planning for your new life in Canada!


Known for its beautiful scenic views of the Rocky Mountains, Alberta is also a cost-effective province to live in. The economy is supported by the vast supply of natural resources including forestry and agriculture, as well as a booming manufacturing sector. As one of the best paleontological locations, Alberta is an interesting and unique province.
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British Columbia:
This is one of the last true areas of complete wilderness, with much of the province left undiscovered. At its core, is the populous city of Vancouver with most residents choosing to live here and in the capital city of Victoria. The province has become known as “Hollywood North” with many film shoots and actors originating here.
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As one of the most cost-effective provinces in Canada, Manitoba is fast becoming many immigrants’ first choice of home. The agricultural, mining and forestry industries support the thriving economy and the job opportunities open to skilled workers ensure that families have a stable income. Though the population is less dense here, there are many schools and universities available to students.
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New Brunswick:
One of the larger provinces in Canada, New Brunswick has a population of less than a million people and is well known for its sprawling land and coastal marvels including The Bay of Fundy. Residents enjoy a simple way of life, close-knit communities and a relatively low cost of living.
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Newfoundland and Labrador:
This unique province consists of islands and a piece of the mainland on the East Coast of Canada. With a mountainous terrain and varied climate that ranges from sub-arctic to continental, this province is only suited to certain industries including fishing and mining. A low cost of housing and many schools and universities across the province, make this one of the best as well as beautiful provinces in Canada.
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Northwest Territories:
Beautiful and isolated, the Northwest Territories are every adventurous person’s dream come true. Because of the harsh conditions out here, most applicants tend to be sponsored with subsidized housing and living costs to work in the mining and petroleum industry.
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Nova Scotia:
Made up of over 3800 small islands, Nova Scotia is home to 930 000 people and has some of the lowest housing costs in the country. The economy is boosted by the many cruise ships that journey through the islands every year as well as a fast growing technological industry.
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A freezing cold climate and remote, underpopulated province make this one of the most beautiful, yet isolated areas in the country. Most employees are subsidized to live in the province due to the harsh conditions. A low cost of living and many job opportunities in the mining and gas industry can create a great opportunity for those skilled workers who can brave the weather.
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One of the better-known provinces in Canada, Ontario is home to the country’s capital city, Ottawa. Though the province has a reputation for having high living costs, it is also known for its beauty and exciting lifestyle. In Toronto, there are many large organisations in the finance, business and political industries.
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Prince Edward Island:
As one of the most beautiful spots in Canada, Prince Edward Island is a province that relies heavily on tourism. The relatively small island and population of less than a million people live a simple and cost-effective life.
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This province has the second largest population of French-speakers in the world after Paris. Agriculture has become a booming industry in this province, while the information technology sector is growing in momentum. A high quality of life with an exceptional public transport system and public services ensure that Quebec is one of the more popular provinces.
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Located in central Canada, Saskatchewan is one of the landlocked provinces. Residents enjoy a low cost of living as well as a provincial government that is dedicated to providing social programs to all ages and interests. Pristine lakes and mountainous terrain offer an abundance of outdoor activities.
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This piece of Canada remains at temperatures below freezing point for 58% of the year, making it a harsh province to choose for your new home. If you are a skilled worker in the mining industry, then you can find many job opportunities that will support your relatively low cost of living in the province.
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