Education in Saskatoon
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By: Tiya

December 15th, 2016

Education in Saskatoon

The education system in Saskatoon was designed to offer a wide range of education options for both children and adults. Be it pre-school or post graduate education, Saskatoon provides a welcoming and nurturing environment in which children can thrive and express themselves.

Quality education is available to all children in Saskatoon and education from kindergarten to grade 12 is provided at no cost. There are education programs in place that offer opportunities for children to learn in either English or French there is also a provision to help learners who are learning English or French as an additional language.

Another exceptional thing about the education system in Saskatoon is that upon completion of high school, education loans, bursaries, and scholarships are made available to students to ensure that higher education is affordable and accessible to all.

Saskatoon has three different public funded school systems; Saskatoon Public Schools, Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools and Francophone schools.

Pre-school and childcare

Investing in early learning for a child is vital because young children learn at a remarkably fast rate. Saskatoon has an abundance of resources and schools with healthy, and safe learning environment for children before they enter a classroom.

Saskatoon has a wide range of options for licensed child care centers that provide care to children from 18 months to 2 and a half years old. At these child care centers, you find well-trained childminders who are regularly given refresher courses and monitored to make sure children are in safe hands.

Public Schools

Saskatoon public school is the largest education division in Saskatoon and is responsible for operating 44 elementary schools, 10 secondary schools and 3 associate schools in Saskatoon and other surrounding areas.

The public schools in Saskatoon are well known for maintaining high standards of teaching in subjects such as Math, Science, arts, drama and athletics. So much so that Saskatoon was awarded the number one ranking for educational opportunities in Canada by a much respected American publication.

Saskatoon Public School’s Board also has a Public School’s Program for International Students that offers opportunities for them to learn English and study a standard Canadian academic curriculum at respected high schools in Saskatoon. The program offers an opportunity for Canadian and International Students aged 13 to 20 to study grades 9 to 12 with the curriculum geared towards university preparation.

Higher education

Whether you’re looking for career advancement or learning new skills Saskatoon has a number of post-secondary schools, colleges, and universities where the learning opportunities are plenty. The government also provides scholarships and student financial assistance programs in many fields of study.

University of Saskatchewan

Founded in the year 1907 the University of Saskasaskatchtchewan offers education programs in over 100 areas of study. Over 21,000 students are enrolled at the university’s undergraduate, post-graduate and degree programs, and with over 4,000 full-time staff is one of Saskatoon’s highest employers.

The strikingly beautiful campus features stone-clad
buildings and covers an area spanning 147 hectares of land on the South Saskatchewan River. The University of Saskatchewan is the only university in Canada that houses all five health science colleges and a major teaching hospital.

Academy of Learning College

The Academy of Learning College is a national career training center. The college has a unique arrangement where students are allowed to start at any time of the year, set and follow their own schedule while receiving one-on-one attention. The programs offered include accounting, hospitality, office administration, health care, information technology, language training and web design just to mention a few.

Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology

Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology provides applied skills training for careers in various areas such as business administration, information technology, community and health studies, basic adult education, professional development, aircraft maintenance, trades and industrial training.

Bow Valley College

Bow Valley College has a commitment to international education that reflects positively on Canada’s diverse and multicultural population. Bow Valley College’s International Student’s program is one of the best in Canada and offers a variety of learning options for international students, from the popular International English Language Learning program, Continuing Education, Academic career programs, and Intercultural Communications programs for students with long term and short term study goals.

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