The top reasons to choose Whistler, British Columbia

Have you ever thought of working overseas and travelling at the same time? Working Holidays have become incredibly popular across the world and it’s easy to see why. You get to experience a new culture, meet new people and go on adventures to exotic locations, all while earning money to make those dreams happen. Many young travellers have discovered the beauty and excitement of Whistler in British Columbia. Tucked into the snowy mountains of British Columbia, Whistler is a treat for all of the senses. It’s beauty has ensured that a steady flood of tourists come in every year and many working holiday employees stay for much longer than they anticipated. Join these lucky people who get to ski and snowboard to work every day.

Exciting jobs

Whistler can be an extremely competitive area to find a job, with so many people looking to find work in the small town. If you want a job for the winter season, you have to be proactive and start looking by late September through October. This will give you a better chance of finding something before the snow starts falling in November.

The most popular jobs for men and women are as ski instructors. After completing the certification course to qualify as a ski instructor, you will be able to teach every age, from the youngest children to those brave adults. If you are a people person who enjoys spending time with tourists from all of the world, then this may be the job for you. These lucky employees often have all-inclusive accommodation which can take the strain off your wallet.

The small town of Whistler packs a punch, with many shops and restaurants to enjoy along the way. This means that there are plenty of waitressing and store clerk jobs that run throughout the year with plenty of tourists and locals to keep busy. That also means that if you are lucky enough to land the evening jobs, you will be able to hit the slopes during the day.

Thriving nightlife


Whistler is not just all about work. The town has become known as a popular hotspot for all types of people. Even Canadians from other areas of the country travel to Vancouver just so that they can spend time on the slopes and at the many restaurants, clubs and pubs. International DJs and celebrities have often made Whistler their destination of choice.

Summer activities

Whistler is a fantastic place to work or visit during any season of the year. During summer, the temperatures can reach 27 degrees, which means that there are many fun activities to enjoy in the sunshine.


If you want to see the area from a different height, then we recommend the Peak 2 Peak Gondola ride. This is a record holding trip, taking you 3.03 kilometres (1.88 miles) and 436 metres (1,430 feet) above the ground, from the top of Whistler Mountain all the way to the tip of Blackcomb Mountain. If you are brave, you can always use the glass-bottomed gondola to give you a real rush as you watch the world below.

Of course, the best activities in Whistler are those that take place outdoors. Fresh air, mountain views and an incredible area to explore should have you jumping up eagerly from bed every morning. There are dozens of trails that take you along mountain paths and through the valley, offering plenty of picture-perfect moments.

In 2010, the Winter Olympics hit the slopes of Whistler and now, tourists come to see the famous location and experience some of the Olympic sports for themselves. Whether you visit in summer or winter, you can enjoy bob sledding, orienteering and skiing on the exact spot that many Olympic winners have made their names.

Winter activities

While temperatures can drop below 0 degrees at times, winter in Whistler is a life changing experience. You can ski or snowboard down the slopes, taking on the mountains at breakneck speed or you can drink a delicious hot chocolate at one of the many cafes. All in all, Whistler is for everyone.

One of our favorite activities is dog sledding. Spend the day with enthusiastic sled dogs who will pull you through the snow as you explore the forests and trails. You can sit back and enjoy the view or you can always lead your own team, yelling “mush!” as you tackle the winding paths.


Winter is the perfect time to go ice climbing, though this is definitely a sport for the brave! Take on the spectacular ice formations with the help of knowledgeable professionals who will have you conquering those glaciers in no time.

Whistler is a magical place. A location that is perfect for those interested in a working holiday, but also for those who want adventure and excitement. Choose Whistler for your next trip to Canada!