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Charlottetown City Guide

Updated: February 24th, 2020

St Dunstan Basilica spires in Charlottetown

The quaint coastal town of Charlottetown began its life as the birthplace of Canada oh so many years ago. Today the town has a myriad of festivals, and is steeped in history as far back as the Victorian period. From Victoria Row to the town's very own “White House” dedicated to Queen Victoria the second’s rule. Charlottetown is a treasure trove if you know where to look.

Welcome to Charlottetown, Canada

Welcome to the historic town of Charlottetown, Canada. This stunning little gem is chock full of surprises and is just a great place to live in Canada. If you want to find out about more about this Victorian town. READ MORE HERE!

10 Fun Facts About Charlottetown, Canada

Here are 10 fun facts about Charlottetown, Canada that will surprise and entertain you. Learn why the the residents of this little town love it. READ MORE HERE!

Cost of Living in Charlottetown, Canada

Do you want to live in a quaint Canadian town like Charlottetown? Then discover what the cost of living is. From average rental prices of a 1 bedroom apartment, to your typical groceries and even how much a meal could cost you when you eat out. Learn how far your budget can go when you live in Canada. READ MORE HERE!

Education in Charlottetown, Canada

Do you plan to study in Canada in the future? Then look no further than the coastal town of Charlottetown. With the renowned University of Prince Edward Islands, with 4 unique campuses that offer a variety of courses for international students. Learn why you should study in Canada. READ MORE HERE!

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Charlottetown, Canada

Are you looking for a vacation destination that will give you a memorable stay. Then check out our top 10 reasons to visit Charlottetown, Canada. From the 18th century Victoria Row, the stunning cathedral of St. Dunstan Basilica. With so much to see in Charlottetown, what are you waiting for? READ MORE HERE!

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