Top 10 Reasons to Visit Charlottetown

In the southern Canadian province of Prince Edward Island, you can find Charlottetown. This quaint little town is home to a variety of attractions for those who want to visit Canada. From galleries, lighthouses, National historical sites to the stunning structure of St. Dunstan Basilica. Discover all the ins and outs of this little treasure trove, as we go down our list of the top 10 reasons to visit Charlottetown, Canada!

1. Visit the iconic St. Dunstan's Basilica in Charlottetown, PEI

St. Dunstan Basilica in Charlottetown Canada

Built originally in 1913, this breathtaking structure was designed as a French Gothic church until it tragically burnt down. But the cathedral was raised from the ashes and rebuilt by Charlottetown, and today its iconic spires can be seen in the town’s skyline.

Inside the St. Dunstan Basilica is a towering pipe organ, that carries the wonderful cathedral hymns across the grounds. The Basilica also features some fascinating stain glass reliefs that really give the building character, and along with a lovely, detailed ceiling, makes the St Dunstan Basilica a great place to visit in Charlottetown.

2. Browse through the streets Charlottetown in Victoria Row

People browsing shops in Victoria Row Charlottetown Canada

Victoria Row is a great place to visit in Charlottetown, this quaint and historical street has a variety of things to keep you happily occupied for hours, whether you are browsing the local shops, pursuing the indigenous art collections or sampling the local tasty treats on offer.

Many of the restaurants in the area offer live music performances and children can even cool down in the summer with either a tasty ice cream or by jumping into the splashing water fountains. So if you drop by to visit Canada, don't forget to visit the charming street of Victoria Row!

3. Drop by and visit the Confederation Centre of the Arts in Charlottetown

Woman looking at art piece at local gallery Canada

Confederation Centre of the Arts should be just one of the reasons to visit Charlottetown. The centre is dedicated to showcase visual and performing arts that are both contemporary and historical. Stretching out to over a block, the local art gallery has more than 150 exhibitions of traditional art forms, paints, sketches and prints and more.

The Confederation Centre of the Art entrance is also free to visitors, although the centre welcomes donations to help support and grow its gallery.

4. Enjoy the sea breeze at Peake’s Wharf in Charlottetown

Peakes Wharf is a historic waterfront and is a key part of Charlottetown’s founding. It was where the first fathers of the confederation landed in the year 1864. Today Peake’s Wharf has over 20 shops along the waterfront, from clothing at the Misty Lighthouse Fashion to tasty lobster meals at the MacKinnon’s Lobster Pound.

Peake’s Wharf offers a little bit of something to everyone who visits, whether you want handcrafted jewelry, tasty seafood, live musical performances or to take to the seas on one of the many boat tours offered in Peake’s Wharf. So if you want a day out in the sun and the surf Peake’s Wharf should be one of the top 10 reasons to visit Charlottetown, Canada.

5. Got back to 1877 at the Beaconsfield Historic House in Charlottetown, Canada

Victorian Beaconsfield Historic House, Charlottetown, Canada.

The iconic Beaconsfield Historic House is a must see landmark in the small town of Charlottetown. Built in 1877 by W.C Harris Beaconsfield it was one of the most elegant and affluent building of its time and features some fantastic craftsmanship.

Today, the Beaconsfield House still stands, a testament to Victorian architecture. This house has year round tours and lectures for when you truly want to immerse yourself in the 18th century lifestyle of the old Charlottetown residents.

6. Plunge into the art scene at the Lorimer Gallery in Charlottetown

local art exhibition gallery in Canada

If you want to enter the art scene in Charlottetown then look no further than the Lorimer Gallery, located along the historical Victoria Row. The Lorimer Gallery was started to showcase the artistic abilities of local artist that specialized in painting and sculpture.

The gallery also hosts some original inuit jewellery pieces, as well exhibits other artists who draw inspiration from Canadian and Maritime cultures.

7. Enlist and join the Canadian forces at the Prince Edward Island Regiment Museum

Old Canadian tank on display at museum

If you want a chance to delve into the Canadian military history then there is no better place than the Prince Edward Island Regiment Museum, located along Water Street. The museum holds a wealth of military paraphernalia, from uniforms, weapons and military vehicles.

Great news for your budget, entrance to the Regiment Museum is totally free and it’s a mere 15 minutes from the cruise terminal. So when you visit Canada make sure you mark the Prince Edward Island Regiment Museum as a place to visit in Charlottetown.

8. Add a little light to your life with the Brighton Beach Range Lighthouse in Charlottetown

Brighton Beach Range Lighthouses Charlottetown coastline PEI

When you just want to unwind from the stress of the modern world, you can savour a relaxing and scenic walk to the Brighton Beach Range Lighthouse. Start your walk from the boardwalk at Victoria Park, and enjoy the meandering pathway that gives you unrivalled views of the ocean with a very picturesque vista of the port.

9. Take a walk in past as you stroll down the Great George Street Historic District in Charlottetown

Famous building Great George Street in Charlottetown, PEI

Make your way to Great George Street, and wander this 6 block historical site found in the heart of Charlottetown. The site starts at the waterfront and stretches all the way across to George Street.

Take a stroll in the past with lovely architecture from the Victorian era, where some of the buildings can trace their historic roots back to more than 200 years ago. So why not make the Great George Street Historic District one of your reasons to visit Charlottetown, Canada.

10. Take a tour of the local white house of Charlottetown at the Government House

Government House built in 1834 Charlottetown, PEI

This lovely white structure was first erected in 1834 for the Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island, who was then a representative of Queen Elizabeth the second. The Governor House became a centre for official administration, and involved in all manner of regal functions. Until the Governor House became the property of Charlottetown in 1876.

Today, the Governor House is a great way to tour the past of the 18th century, where you can explore the 10 acres of the estate gardens or take a tour of the inside of the Governor House to see how the other side lived.