Education in Edmonton

If you are in search of quality education, Canada is the place to find it. As one of the prominent cities in Canada, Edmonton is no exception to the rule – Offering more than one exemplary tertiary education facility as well as a well-balanced public-schooling system. From elementary level all the way to tertiary, Edmonton’s residents receive the best kind of education and the best part is that there are ample choices of institutions to choose from.

Public School

In total, Edmonton has three school boards which serve the greater public areas and provide kindergarten all the way up to grade 12. The first two boards, Edmonton Public Schools, and the Edmonton Catholic School District serve English-speaking students and the last board is dedicated to the growing Francophone community in Edmonton. All of the above are government-funded.

Private Schools

Though uncommon, there are some schools that do not belong to any of the abovementioned boards and offer private programs. The private school system in Edmonton therefore offers a host of alternative programs and a specialized education in addition to the standardized curriculum.


Business Reference Library University of Alberta

The biggest university in this region is the University of Alberta (U of A) which is a board-governed institution that turns over more than one billion dollars annually. With almost 40,000 new students applying there each year, U of A is one of the most sought after institutions in Canada. The university is especially known for its research library system, which happens to be the second largest in the country.

Another well-known institution is MacEwan University which welcomes a total student population of over 43,000 students every year. Other institutions include the Concordia University College of Alberta, The King's University College, NorQuest College, the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), Taylor University College and Seminary and Yellowhead Tribal College which happens to be a First Nations college.

NAIT is one of the self-governing learning institutions in the Northern regions of Alberta and provides technical training combined with applied education to better equip their graduates for employment after tertiary education. This institute also happens to be the largest apprenticeship trainer in Canada.