Edmonton - The City of Festivals

Make your way to the province of Alberta in the west of Canada and you will find the city of Edmonton. As the capital city, Edmonton is a thriving metropolis with over 800 000 people working and living in the area. The city is cut in two by the North Saskatchewan River, a beautiful winding river that has determined the layout of Edmonton.

Edmonton is known by many names including the Oil Capital of Canada and the Festival City of Canada.

What kind of weather can I expect?

Edmonton is known to have mild weather in summer as well as some impressive thunderstorms every now and again, while winter is usually bitterly cold. You can expect to experience heavy snowfall between September and May every year, especially around the festive season.

Job Opportunities

The economy is booming in Edmonton, with a low unemployment rate and approximately 20 000 jobs created in the last year alone. Alberta is the leading oil and natural gas producer in Canada, so if you have a qualification, skills or experience in the industry, you will find that there are many opportunities available to you. Interestingly, the major universities in Alberta have many degrees and courses dedicated to the industry.

Other important industries in Edmonton include petrochemicals, information, technology, banking and biotechnology.

Cost of living in Edmonton

Living in Edmonton is relatively affordable with low taxes and no provincial sales tax. Living in a province that produces oil and gas has its benefits as Edmontonians pay less for gas and diesel and explains why most residents own a car.

The average rental for a furnished apartment in an upmarket area is CAD $1 751, but most residents choose to move outside of the centre of town and can save a few hundred dollars by doing so. Find the average cost of food and utilities here.

Education system

Your children can enjoy a government-funded education at any of the well-established public schools based on a catchment area system. There are both Francophone and English schools that cater to Edmonton.

Edmontonians and the surrounding areas enjoy access to some of the biggest local universities in Canada including the University of Alberta and Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

NAIT building

The University of Alberta is a leading institution with partners all around the world. Top-notch facilities and a broad range of degrees and courses have established the university as one of the best in Canada. The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry has become one of the forerunners in the country, boasting transformative developments in the industry.


mother and daughter cycling on city path

As we mentioned before, most people in Edmonton drive their own cars because of low oil and diesel prices, but the city is also reliant on an effective rail network. Cycling to work is not as common an occurrence as it is in the rest of Canada as the bike paths are only used for leisure and meandering around the city.


Many people don’t know that Edmonton houses North- America’s largest mall, known as West Edmonton Mall. With activities to keep everyone entertained including an indoor pool with a realistic pirate ship, this mall has everything you could ever need for a snowy or warm day.

Edmonton Mall with pirate bay display

Many residents love to enjoy the outdoors and Edmonton is no exception. The city offers many well-kept parks and green spaces for locals and tourists to enjoy. Take a stroll along the river or have a picnic at River Valley urban parkland while you take in the beauty of the city.

The Commonwealth Stadium is home to the Edmonton Eskimos, the professional Canadian football team of the city. Thousands of fans pack into the stadium during football season every year.

As the Festival City of Canada, you can expect to spend much of your time enjoying the cultural and mesmerising events that take place in the small city every year. Some of the highlights include the much-anticipated Edmonton Blues Festival with a collection of international Grammy award winners taking the stage, as well as the Craft Beer Festival.