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Fredericton City Guide

Updated: January 30th, 2020

Fredericton is the capital city of New Brunswick, Canada. The small and quaint city is home to a menagerie of cafes, museums and riverside beauty. Whether you want to study, work or live in Canada, Fredericton’s small town charm will captivate you in all areas of life.

Welcome to Fredericton

Let us introduce you to the picturesque capital city of New Brunswick’s that’s home to only 65280 people. Do you enjoy craft beer? Fredericton has the highest concentration of breweries in Atlantic Canada. Do you want to work in Canada? Find out which major industries are hiring in Fredericton. If you want to study in Canada, discover why Fredericton has a large student population. Read More Here!

Cost of Living in Fredericton

If you want to migrate to Canada, and live in Fredericton, you probably want to know what your monthly costs will be, including groceries, school fees, rent prices, the average monthly net salary and transportation fees. Read More Here!

Education in Fredericton

From preschool to primary and secondary school and finally a tertiary qualification- Fredericton offers quality educational institutions for all ages. Find out what benefits you can get if you study in Canada. Read More Here!

10 Fun Facts About Fredericton

Want to know why Fredericton is known as the 'city at the edge of nature?' Find out which famous poets called Fredericton home. Learn about the famous “kissing bridge” and why you must take your lover there! Here’s 10 Fun Facts that’ll make you excited to migrate to Canada! Read More Here!

10 Reasons to Visit Fredericton

Journey through the city to discover the magnificent brick architecture that adds to the old-world charm of Fredericton. See the Church Cathedrals, Fredericton City Hall and the uniqueness of Gagetown for yourself. Check out our top 10 reasons to visit Fredericton, NB. Read More Here!

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