10 Fun Facts about Fredericton

A quaint and small city with a big city feel- New Brunswick’s capital city is rich in culture, history and riverside beauty. Fredericton is known as the ‘city at the edge of nature.’ Here’s 10 Fun Facts that’ll make you excited to migrate to Canada!

map of fredericton canada

Fun Fact #1

Are you an entrepreneur? Looking for a key location for your next big business project? Good news! The Globe and Mail designated Fredericton as one of the “ten smartest Canadian Cities in which to do business.”

Fun Fact #2

bottles on shelf

Feeling thirsty? Fredericton is known as the craft beer brewing town of Canada. The city has the highest concentration of breweries, meaderies and cideries in Atlantic Canada.

Fun Fact #3

Willie O’Ree was the first person of color in the National Hockey League(NHL), he hails from Fredericson.

Fun Fact #4

architectural sketch

The blueprint was invented by George Taylor of Fredericson in response to the needs of the Crown Lands Department.

Fun Fact #5

Fredericton High School is the oldest English High School in Canada and was established in 1785.

Fun Fact #6

guards marching in uniform

History comes to life in Fredericton every July-August. A re-enactment of the Changing-of-the-Guard ceremony takes place in Officer’s Square and at City Hall.

Fun Fact #7

Man kayaking on the Saint John River near downtown Fredericton.

Need an affordable city to live in? Fredericton’s residential real estate prices are 24% to 50% lower than many major Canadian cities.

Fun Fact #8

The longest wooden covered bridge in the world.

The world’s longest covered bridge, also known as the “kissing bridge” is found in New Brunswick. It is an unwritten rule to kiss when you drive through the bridge. The tradition dates back to the years of horse and wagon traffic when young men stopped halfway inside the bridge to share a couple of kisses with a lady.

Fun Fact #9

Fredericton is the Poet's’ Corner of Canada. The city is the birth place and home of esteemed poet’s like Bliss Carmen, Sir Charles G.D. Roberts, and Francis Joseph Sherman.

Fun Fact #10

Fredericton is known as the 'city at the edge of nature,' with 88 kilometres of hiking trails and the Saint John River meandering through the city.