Top 10 Reasons to Visit Fredericton

If you plan to visit Canada then the quaint city of Fredericton, New Brunswick might be just for you. Located at the tail end of St. John’s River, the city of Fredericton features charming brick architecture is home to a menagerie of cafes, museums and more. Check out our top 10 reasons to visit Fredericton, NB.

1. Historic Garrison District, NB

Entrance to the Historic Garrison District in Fredericton, Canada.

Built in 1784, the Historic Garrison District began its life as a British Garrison, but today it houses museums and hosts festivals throughout the city. The district also offers walking tours of the grounds during the wonderful warm summer days where you can also tour the past of this British compound in style, with an informative guide.

The Fredericton museum is also another must see place to visit in Fredericton, which forms part of the Historic Garrison District. There are even costumed interpreters to help you learn about the different eras of the city. If you want to visit Canada as a historic militia fan, then the changing of the guards may just take your fancy.

These are not the only places you can visit in Canada, the district is also home to the New Brunswick Hall of Fame, and the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, where you can watch master craftsmen at work.

2. Fredericton Playhouse, NB

A young man performing a contemporary dance on stage. Photo by Mihai Blanaru.

The Fredericton Playhouse is one of the places to visit in Fredericton city. Started up by Lord Beaverbrook, the playhouse began as a place for theatrical troupes to perform their art.

Today, the Fredericton Playhouse holds to its own tradition, and still hosts musical performances, theatre productions and a variety of dances throughout the year.

3. Christ Church Cathedral, NB

Christ Church Cathedral in the city of Fredericton, Canada.

Built in the 19th century, this neo gothic Anglican church is both elegant and beautiful. Made with classic wooden interior and lit with fantastic stain glass reliefs makes the Christ Church Cathedral, one of the top 10 reasons to visit Fredericton, Canada.

The churchyard has the original gravestone of the first Anglican bishops of the Fredericton and during the summer days the Church also offers fun recitals from opera to dance.

4. Legislative Assembly Building, NB

The New Brunswick Legislative Assembly building at night. Photo by Jason Jeandron.

The New Brunswick Legislative Assembly is another great place to visit in Canada. Since 1882, the building has been the symbol of democracy in the city. The architecture of the building itself is quite spectacular, and lined with originals portraits by Joshua Reynolds of King George III and Queen Charlotte helps immerse you in the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly building’s history.

So if you want to visit Canada, why not take a look at the city of Fredericton and see where democracy had its first steps in the province of New Brunswick.

5. Fredericton City Hall

New City Hall of Fredericton, NB Photo by Wilailak.C

This 3 storey building built in the late 1876 in a architecture style reminiscent of the old empire. The Fredericton City Hall started its life as a market and all around police station. Today the hall is used to be a tourist thoroughfare. So if you want to know the top tourist destinations in Fredericton, why not visit the Fredericton City Hall?

6. Mactaquac Provincial Park, NB

Winter scene of a group of bull elks grazing on meadows, canada.

The power-generating Mactaquac Dam changed the landscape of this area greatly, including this 1,300-acre provincial park with its campground, 18-hole golf course, and freshwater beaches. Kings Landing Historical Settlement, about 14 kilometers upstream from the dam, is another result of the raised river levels. When the dam was built, heritage buildings in the flooded area were moved to Prince William. Costumed interpreters now recreate a 19th-century settlement through the living history museum.

7. St. John River, NB

St John's River water falls, New Brunswick, Canada during the cool autumn months. Photo by Sandi Cullifer.

If you love the outdoors then the St. John River should be on your list of places to visit in Fredericton. The meandering river is a great source of recreation, whether you want to hike along the riverbanks or even boat down the gently flowing waters, then St. John River may be just up your alley.

8. Beaverbrook Art Gallery, NB

A young woman admiring the artwork in the gallery.

Another great place to visit in Fredericton is the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, which was started as a collection in 1879 by its founder Lord Beaverbrook.

The exhibits feature artwork from artists like Salvador Dali, Reynolds, Gainsborough and even Botticelli. An addition of the gallery was added in 1995 in tribute to Marion McCain. So if you have places to visit Canada, why not stop by at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Fredericton?

9. Killarney Lake Park Trail, NB

Photo by Kelly vanDellen.

If you want to get some fresh air, then why not enjoy the Killarney Lake Park Trail, found just on the outskirts of Fredericton.

The lakeside beach is a perfect place to visit in Fredericton, with walking trails that loop around the lake to give you beautiful alpine scenery. So if you are looking out for a fun place to visit in Fredericton, why not drop on by with the family to enjoy the sun and surf?

10. Gagetown, NB

Following the St. John River some 20 km from Fredericton is the village of Gagetown, an undiscovered pearl. From boating, birdwatching shopping and awesome food, the village of Gagetown has it all.

The village also hosts 2 of its own museums and has a deep rooted history. For those avid bird watches the village of Gagetown is in just the right place, smack centre on the middle of one of America’s major bird migration flight paths.

If you enjoy water sports, then Gagetown can help you out. With kayak and boat rentals available to all, you can take to the waters of the St John River.So, if you plan to visit Canada, this secreted little town of culture and nature is a great stop off point for anyone visiting Canada.