Cost of Living in Fredericton

Good news! Atlantic Canada are amongst the most affordable regions in Canada.

The province of New Brunswick stands out most. The province’s capital city- Fredericton, is a cost effective choice for people who want to migrate to Canada. The reason? In Fredericton, it’s easy to make a house a home because the city has the cheapest housing prices in comparison to other major Canadian cities.

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Industries and Average Salary In Fredericton

If you migrate to Canada and want to know which industries are hiring in Fredericton- the forestry, fishing, mining, quarrying, oil and gas industry is showing signs of trending up, with employment growing strongly. Fredericton’s ICT business and research community are key drivers of the economy. Fredericton is the biotechnology nerve-centre of the province with the most diverse biomass in Canada and a long history of natural resource biotechnology innovation. The city is also home to one of the largest number of engineers per capita in Canada, Fredericton’s 112 engineering firms consistently make their mark outside New Brunswick’s borders.

The average monthly Net salary in Fredericton is approximately C$2,152.78

Affordable Housing in Fredericton

“Investing in affordable housing is part of our government’s commitment to making New Brunswick the best place to raise a family,”said Public Safety Minister, Stephen Horsman.

Fredericton is a very affordable city and it has a range of real estate for all budgets. Detached homes and condos can be found for less than $100,000 in areas such as Woodstock Road, Lincoln Heights, and Nashwaaksis, where a 2-bedroom bungalow can be found for as little as $59,000.

Other affordable areas that have fairly large student populations are Downtown, Forest Hill, Uptown, and North Side.

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Comparing Fredericton Rent Prices To Other Major Cities, If You Migrate To Canada

  • Rent prices in Fredericton are 135.41% lower than in Toronto;
  • Rent prices in Fredericton are 25,39% lower than in Montreal;
  • Rent prices in Fredericton are 62,73% lower than in Vancouver;
  • Rent prices in Fredericton are 19,49% lower than in Winnipeg;
  • Rent prices in Fredericton are 37,78% lower than in Ottawa;
  • Rent prices in Fredericton are 37,58% lower than in Calgary;
  • Rent prices in Fredericton are 36,94% lower than in Edmonton; and
  • Rent prices in Fredericton are 28,49% lower than in Hamilton

Rent per month for a 1 bedroom apartment in City Centre is approximately, C$ 741,67

Rent per month for a 1 bedroom apartment Outside City Centre is approximately, C$ 609, 38

Rent per month for a 3 bedroom apartment in City Centre is approximately, C$1,242.86

Rent per month for a 3 bedroom apartment Outside City Centre is approximately, C$950.00

Why migrate to canada? Fredericton is experiencing a lot of demand from people migrating to the area, which is driving the market. With a low unemployment rate, economic stability, affordable housing, and a great quality of life, Fredericton is a very desirable place in which to live and invest in property.

Grocery Prices in Fredericton

Food prices in Fredericton is slightly higher than the national average, but luckily you’ll have extra money to spend on groceries due to the lower housing prices. If you migrate to Canada, you’ll find the freshest produce from Canada's best harvests, no matter where you go.

Did you know? Canada subsidizes their most nutritious perishable foods and the meat processing industry is Canada’s third largest manufacturing industry.

What’s in your shopping cart?

Find out how much you will pay on average for basic food items at a supermarket, a meal at a restaurant and clothing in Fredericton, when you migrate to Canada.

Basic Perishable Food Items

  • Milk (1 liter): C$2,51
  • Loaf of fresh white bread: C$3,00
  • Eggs (12): C$67
  • Local cheese (1kg): C$11,14
  • Chicken breasts 1kg (boneless): C$11,15
  • Potato (1kg): C$2,90
  • Banana (1kg): C$1,12

Restaurant And Cafe Meals

  • A meal at a inexpensive restaurant: C$15,00
  • Three course meal at a mid-range restaurant: C$70,00
  • Combo meal at McDonald’s: C$10,00
  • Cappuccino at a Cafe: C$4,16
  • Domestic 0.5 liter draught beer: C$5,62

Clothing and Shoes

  • A pair of Jeans (Levi’s): C$65,00
  • A summer dress in a chainstore: C$48,99
  • A pair of Nike running shoes (mid-range): C$87,00
  • A pair of leather business shoes: C$126,00

Education In Fredericton

If you migrate to Canada with your family, it’s important to know what you’ll pay for your children’s school fees. Or, if you’re an international student who wants to obtain a Canadian qualification at New Brunswick University, you need to know what your tuition will cost.


On average you will pay C$750 per month for private preschool for your little one. Big Bear Preschool and Adventureland Day Care are two of the most popular Preschool centers in Fredericton. Their early learning programs focus on play based learning. They support children in making choices for themselves and in doing so, foster self-esteem and independence.

Public Primary and Secondary School

Your child can attend any one of Canada's high- quality primary or secondary public school’s for free. If you migrate to Canada, you can get involved in your child’s education by:

  • volunteering at your child’s school
  • meeting your child’s teacher at parent-teacher evenings
  • becoming a member of the school council

Tertiary Education

The University of New Brunswick (UNB) will give you an experience designed to transform you into the person you hope to be. By encouraging initiative, exploration, critical thought and innovation, the university will help you discover and realize your potential.

The Fredericton campus is a favorite choice amongst students. The vibrant art and music scenes, great farmers markets, and endless places to explore outdoors, including the ocean, parks and trails ensure that it’s a student’s dream come true.

Here is what you can expect to pay for a full time International Undergraduate Degree at UNB Fredericton campus

  • International tuition: C$14,996
  • Student fees: C$964
  • Residence meals: C$8,896
  • Books/Supplies: C$2,000

What to do after your received your Canadian qualification? Stay and work in Canada to gain quality work experience through a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). If you gain Canadian work experience and have Canadian education, you will increase your chances to successfully migrate to Canada.

Transportation in Fredericton

The City of Fredericton Transit Division operates 28 buses on twelve routes, running Monday to Saturday, from 6:15 am until 11:00 pm (except on Holidays). The focus of Fredericton’s transit service is safe, reliable, and convenient transit for all residents.

Bus Fares

  • One ride pricing = C$2,74
  • Children under 6 = free
  • Adult monthly pass = C$80.00 (unlimited use)
  • Student monthly pass = C$55.00
  • Senior citizens monthly pass for 65 years+ =C$50

Taxi Fares

  • Taxi tariff for 1km = C$1
  • Taxi tariff for 1 hour waiting period = C$60


  • 1 liter = C$1.05

Purchasing a Car

  • Toyota Corolla Comfort (New) = C$20,695.00