Welcome to Fredericton

Welcome to Fredericton, the picturesque capital city of New Brunswick, that’s strategically located on the Saint John River. Fredericton is known as having the spirit of a big city and charm of a small town. The city boasts with warm sunny summers and beautiful snowy winters. If Canadian Immigration led you to this wonderful city, prepare to experience a city filled with festivals, friendly people, and rich cultural history!

New City Hall of Fredericton

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Fredericton is home to a population of only 65280 people as of 2018. The city has an ageing population and a low birth rate, which means that Canadian immigration to the city is in high demand to ensure economic growth for years to come. English is predominantly spoken in Fredericton, followed by French. New Brunswick would like to increase the Francophone communities in the cities by urging more French-speaking nationals to take part in Canadian immigration.

Healthcare in Fredericton

Canada has one of the best Public Health Care Systems globally. If you successfully complete Canadian immigration, you are entitled to essential, universal, government-funded health care. To obtain free health-care services in Fredericton, you will need a New Brunswick Medicare card.

What benefits will your receive with a Medicare card?

  • Tele-Care: a free, confidential, health advice and information line. A nurse that’s simply a phone call away will assess your symptoms and provide information and advice to help you decide what to do.
  • Family doctors and hospitals: You can access family doctors and hospitals, and do not have to pay for regular visits.
  • Medical clinics: You have access to care at local, walk-in medical clinics.
  • Dental care: For basic preventative treatment, you can visit a family dentist.
  • Mental health services: For emergency mental health care, there are community mental health centres, crisis centres and a number of addiction services throughout the province.

Travelling in Fredericton

Aerial view of Fredericton main roads

The City of Fredericton Transit Division operates 28 buses on twelve routes, running Monday to Saturday, from 6:15 am until 11:00 pm (except on Holidays). The focus of Fredericton’s transit service is safe, reliable, and convenient transit for all residents.

If you want to experience Fredericton from a different point of view, you can take a ferry on the Saint Johns river.

Major Industries in Fredericton

Want to know where to work in Fredericton is you completed Canadian immigration? Fredericton is one of Canada’s leading resource cities. Natural resources contribute C$600 million to Fredericton’s GDP and employs 5000 people within the city.

Forestry has been the foundation of Fredericton’s economy throughout history.

  • 22,000 men and women in New Brunswick are directly or indirectly employed by the forestry sector.
  • Fredericton contribute around C$2 billion in output to the provincial GDP.

The mining industry is a great source of employment for thousands of workers in the region.

  • The Sisson Project is a Tungsten and Molybdenum project located Northwest of Fredericton. It is expected to give the economy a C$579 million dollar boost and create 500 jobs.

Fredericton has more than 350 companies that provide products and services to the Natural Resources Sector.

  • Members of Forest Products New Brunswick buy C$200 million worth of goods and services from local New Brunswick businesses every year.

Housing in Fredericton

suburban house in Canada

Fredericton is a very affordable city and it has a range of real estate for all budgets. Detached homes and condos can be found for less than $100,000 in areas such as Woodstock Road, Lincoln Heights, and Nashwaaksis, where a 2-bedroom bungalow can be found for as little as $59,000.

  • Rent prices in Fredericton are 135.41% lower than in Toronto;
  • Rent prices in Fredericton are 25,39% lower than in Montreal;
  • Rent prices in Fredericton are 62,73% lower than in Vancouver;
  • Rent prices in Fredericton are 19,49% lower than in Winnipeg;
  • Rent prices in Fredericton are 37,78% lower than in Ottawa;
  • Rent prices in Fredericton are 37,58% lower than in Calgary;
  • Rent prices in Fredericton are 36,94% lower than in Edmonton; and
  • Rent prices in Fredericton are 28,49% lower than in Hamilton

Canadian immigration offers you great cities like Fredericton, with more opportunities to start a new life and have a better future.