Education in Hamilton

For an immigrant wanting to study in Canada, the City of Hamilton should be at the fore-front of your options of where to study. Hamilton is a city that welcomes students from all parts of the world, offering a wide range of options and opportunities.

Many of the study institutions in Hamilton have an international student’s office which is responsible for helping and smoothing the transition and adjustment of the student as well as incorporating them into their communities.

Whether you want to enrol in secondary or post-secondary, you are given opportunities to study, live and work after you have successfully graduated. For an international student studying abroad, this can be a painful transition, not in Hamilton, the education in the city is about more than just studying. A diverse and multicultural city, students are exposed to different people, ideas, and culture, where you will gaining new practical skills in a new environment that is highly conducive to learning.

School Boards

Hamilton has four distinct school boards that are responsible for the implementation of the various school curriculums in and around the city.

  • Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board-Provides educational programs to 114 schools that have a combined student enrolment of 50,000, with 96 elementary schools and 18 secondary schools.
  • Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic School Board – It is responsible for serving and managing 55 schools with more than 29,000 elementary and secondary school students. A further 10,000 adult students are enrolled to four St. Charles continuing education centre.
  • Conseil Scolaire Viamonde – Responsible for the management of French-language public schools, and two of them are based in central Hamilton.
  • Conseil Scolaire de district Catholique Centre-Sud – A French language school board that manages 45 elementary and 10 secondary schools, with a student enrolment of 15,500.

French Immersion Schools

French immersion is a school system that offers an opportunity to students who speak little or no French but wish to learn both official languages of Canada. The French immersion program enables students to enrol in English-language schools and simultaneously learn French as a second language. The program has proved to be highly successful in Hamilton and is very popular among international students.

University Education in Hamilton

education campus

Hamilton has a number of Universities and colleges that are internationally known and have made their mark in the fields of research and science. Graduates from these education facilities have helped shape and contribute to the city’s growth with a well-educated labour force.

  1. McMaster University – The University has more than 62 research centres and institutions on the campus, and has six specialised faculties namely: Engineering, health sciences, humanities, science and social sciences. The University has a student population of over 30,000 and many of them are international students, with 79 countries represented at the University.The University main campus is based on the West dale neighbourhood of Hamilton and is located on a sprawling 300 acres of land with beautiful views of Lake Ontario.
  2. Mohawk College – Considered a leader in health and technology education, the college has more than 17,000 students on campus. For four years, Mohawk College has achieved the highest satisfaction scores in the Hamilton area among fellow colleges.
  3. Redeemer University College – Redeemer University is considered a model in its ability to combine academics, athletics, and service opportunities that promote a sense of belonging and peace with its surrounding communities. It is an undergraduate university that provides quality education in Liberal arts and sciences, which prides itself in encouraging its students to make use of the beautiful environmentally friendly campus and to be spiritually vibrant. With its Christ-centred teaching, research, and services to the outside communities, Redeemer University also sponsors events in arts, music, athletic and theatre.
  4. Columbia International College – Columbia is the largest and most culturally diverse boarding school in Canada that has a strong commitment to being the best, and has an international student enrolment of 1,800 students from 73 different countries around the world. Columbia is also the only school to embrace and use the Total Care Education System that makes tailor made education programs for specific and unique needs of every student.