Whichever way you look at it, choosing the ideal neighbourhood to live in can be a daunting task. Having to consider the whole family, there are many factors to consider including education for the children, access to parks and ease of access to the highway so you don’t have to travel long to work each morning - the list can be endless. Luckily, Hamilton has just about the right neighbourhood for everyone, if you want to live closer to the mountain areas, the west mountain neighbourhoods include; Mountview, Gourley, and Westcliffe just to mention a few. The central mountain area has Hilpark and Micassa, whereas on the East mountain side there are the Family friendly neighbourhoods of Templemead and Huntington.

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If you are working or you are a University student and want to be close to the train and bus station, the following neighbourhoods are for you; Corktown, Durand, Kirkendall, Westdale park. If you are looking for plush and eloquent neighbourhoods, look no further than Stoney Creek, Dundas and Ancaster.

We detail some of the best six neighbourhoods in Hamilton.

  1. Mountview – Found right at the top of Hamilton Mountain, the neighbourhood of Mount view boasts some of the most accomplished and highly regarded education facilities. Both St. Teresa Avila Catholic Elementary school and Holbrook Elementary school are known to offer high-quality education and have experienced tutors tasked with helping students achieve their test score ratings. Olympic and mountain view parks are also found in the vicinity of the neighbourhood offering excellent facilities for both the young and old to enjoy their downtime after a long week.
  2. North End – An evergreen neighbourhood ideal for families that enjoy being around nature and home to Pier 4 Park and the immaculate Bayfront Park, North End is basically split into two neighbourhoods of North End West and North East West. The historical neighbourhood of North End is found between Hamilton Harbour and CNR railway line, and the famous St. Lawrence Catholic Elementary school is also based here.
  3. Kirkendall – The neighbourhood is a combination of Kirkendall North and Kirkendall South. Kirkendall North is home to St. Joseph Catholic School, a top-rated school that offers the French immersion program all the way from kindergarten students to grade eight. On the other hand, Kirkendall South has the feel of a more relaxed part of the neighbourhood, with Highlands Garden Park, and the Bruce Trail also known as the Chedoke Redial Trail. People residing in the Neighbourhood who want to go out for a coffee or a bite to eat or even some retail therapy, can to Locke Street South which is home to some beautifully arranged eateries, coffee shops and shopping malls, all within walking distance.
  4. Delta West – Located right in the middle of King and Main Street intersection, Delta West is a picturesque neighbourhood that has a well-kept rose garden and a tropical greenhouse that is open to the public throughout the year. It is also home to St, Baptist Elementary school.
  5. Huntington – If you and your family love to go out and enjoy outdoor activities together, then this is your neighbourhood. The Huntington Park Recreation Centre offers local residents a place to swim and shoot hoops, parents who also want to improve their golf skills or teach the kids some putt and drive skills can make use of the King’s Forest Golf course which is found on the east side of the neighbourhood. The Escarpment Rail Trail also offers an opportunity for family day trips, where families can make use of the 32 KM pedestrian and cycling routes that offer breath-taking views of the lower city, Niagara Escarpment and the Hamilton Brick Works.
  6. Durand – Lastly, we look at the neighbourhood of Durand. Named after the wealthy politician and entrepreneur who fought in the war of 1812, by the name of James Durand, this is a stylish and pricey neighbourhood that is very sought after by the rich and famous. The area is home to countless heritage buildings, the Hamilton art gallery, the central branch of Hamilton public library, and Hamilton’s first elementary school, The Central Elementary School opened way back in the year 1853.