Top 10 Reasons to Visit Winnipeg

Want to find an some of the awesome places to visit in Winnipeg, then look no further than our list of the top 10 reasons to visit Winnipeg. The city of Winnipeg is known for many things, from its happening art and culture scenes, top class museums and festivals that will rock your world.This prairie city has a lot to offer if you know where to look.

1. Manitoba Museum, Winnipeg

Traditional Inuit abstract art sculpture of a person.

One great reason to visit winnipeg must be the Manitoba Museum. The museum lets you take a tour of the wild side or Winnipeg, explore the faux ice tunnel, get your brain on with the science gallery or explore the stars at the Manitoba Museum Planetarium.

The Manitoba Museum also lets you take to the sea in the Nonsuch, a ship built as an exact replica of the first ship to make it to the Hudson’s Bay. With over 2,600 artifacts from the Hudson Bay Company, you can take a step back in time and learn how the first immigrant traders of Canada made their fortunes!

2. Winnipeg Art Gallery, Canada

Beautiful eagle soapstone sculpture made by an Inuit sculpture. Photo by Alastair Wallace.

Looking for a bit of culture in your life? Then the Winnipeg Art Gallery is made for you! The Winnipeg Art Gallery started up in 1912 and is known to be one of Canada’s oldest galleries.

The gallery boasts collections from contemporary Inuit artisans which is constantly ungraded as the Winnipeg Art Gallery collection continues to grow. But the gallery doesn’t just have home grown talent. The collection also extends to Renaissance to the Group of Seven.

If you want to get creative and get some hands on fun then you can also work with illustrators, papermakers and other artists to learn some awesome new skills. The WAG is just another great reason to visit the city of Winnipeg, so why not drop by for a visit?

3. Thermëa, Winnipeg

A traditional style Finnish Sauna to soak away the days troubles.

Need some pampering and just a time to unwind and get rid of all the stress of the modern world? Then you should visit Thermëa, a nordic inspired hot spar.

Soak the stress away in their spectacular hot pools, or help clear out your pores in their scented, Finnish sauna rooms. With a variety of pools to relax in and beautiful scenery to soak in, Thermëa is a must.

If you feel like even more pampering you can visit their on site beauty spa which offers body scrubs to leisurely massages to make you melt. So if you are need some pampering in life, Thermëa is just one of the top reasons to visit Winnipeg.

4. The Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Night time view over the city of Winnipeg, with the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) and its iconic Tower of Hope.

Next up on our top 10 reasons to visit Winnipeg is the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Designed by the renowned Antoine Predock, the museum is a testament to change how the modern world views human rights.

Inside the Canadian Museum for Human Rights you can experience 11 truly unforgettable interactive exhibits. Climb up to the CMHR Tower of Hope and take in the awesome panoramic view of the city of Winnipeg. Experience the world of human rights, in a profoundly different way!

5. Urban Shaman

A form of tradition Inuit art done in a wooden sculpture.

Looking to take in the sights of authentic Canada, then the Urban Shaman is your one stop art gallery in Winnipeg.

For over 21 years the Urban Shaman has been showcasing authentic indigenous artists, with 12 rotating exhibits every year focusing on visual and media arts. So if you are hankering for some local authentic art, then the Urban Shaman is just for you. Entrance is also free for visitors!

So if you want to savour First Nation artwork from the Inuit and Metis then the Urban Shaman maybe one of the reasons to visit Winnipeg!

6. Exchange District, Winnipeg

A nighttime scene of the trending Exchange District in Winnipeg. Photo from Shutterstock.

With over 30 blocks to explore the Exchange District in Winnipeg has a lot on offer for visitors. Whether you want to stroll down to visit the local art galleries or immerse yourself in the past with some vintage antique shops the Exchange District is a must see attraction in Winnipeg.

Have a craving for tasty food, than tantalize your taste buds and sample some of the local bistros’ and restaurants menus! If you can’t live without the liquid brew called coffee, then the Exchange District is also known for its awesome coffee and cafe culture!.

7. The Forks National Historic Site, Winnipeg

Another must see attraction in Winnipeg is the Forks National Historic Site. For years the site has been a meeting places for people from all walks of life. With over 54 acres of land to explore, the Forks National Historic Site is always bustling with visitors who sample the local wares of the central market or some of the awesome restaurants and bistros that line the Red and Assiniboine Rivers.

The Forks National Historic Site attractions also will appeal to water lovers. Take the kids out for a day in the sun and water at the Forks Water Park. The site also boasts one of the longest skating trails in the world, so you can zoom on by and enjoy the unique landscape that make Winnipeg a place to be remembered.

8. Fortwhyte Alive, Winnipeg

Bison and their young grazing peacefully. Photo by Enrique Aguirre

Do want to experience the unique and breathtaking wilds of the prairie? Then the FortWhyte Alive is just one of the reasons to visit Winnipeg. From summer to winter, there is always something to do at FortWhyte Alive.

Tour the prairies with over 640 acres to wander across, this natural oasis is also located right in the city of Winnipeg itself. Admire the local wildlife, from migrating birdlife to the roaming bison on the flat prairie plains.

During those cold winter months you can toboggan down the slopes or even go cross country skiing with the family. Take a load off and enjoy a beautiful sunset at the Fort Whyte restaurant and enjoy the local brew as you watch the wildlife past you by.

9. Royal Canadian Mint, Winnipeg

Sunsetting on the Royal Canadian Mint in the city of Winnipeg. Photo by Mike Rogal.

Want to see the world behind the scenes of money making? The Royal Canadian Mint will let you do just that. With one of the most iconic architecture structures in Winnipeg, the Royal Mint glass exteriors is truly stunning to behold.

Take a guided tour of the mint, from holding a golden bar worth $750,000 to watching over 75 different currencies being created right in front of you. Get a sneak peek at the world of Canadian Mint, and discover why it is one of the top 10 reasons to visit Winnipeg.

10. Assiniboine Park Zoo, Winnipeg

A polar bear diving under the water of its enclosure.

Want to take a walk through nature? The Assiniboine Park Zoo can deliver it all. Explore the rare world of endangered animals, like cute Pandas and majestic Snow Leopards. With over 200 different of species from small muskrats, wolves to water loving polars bears, which you can even watch swim overhead through their glass exhibit.

So take the day out and enjoy of the of the top places to visit in Winnipeg, the Assiniboine Park Zoo!