Neighbourhoods in Montreal

Montreal is a cultural hotspot in Canada and has become a popular place for immigrants to choose as their new home.

Downtown Montreal

At any time of the day, Downtown Montreal is a lively and vibrant area of the city that attracts people from all ages and cultures. The skyscrapers and heritage buildings create a cosmopolitan lifestyle that is often unmatched.


East of Mont Royal lies the neighbourhood of Plateau-Mont-Royal. This borough is densely populated and has become a popular spot for students attending the local universities. The area has often been ranked as the top place to live in with reliable and safe public transport, as well as access to many public parks and bars. Known for its many immigrants that hail from Europe, the neighbourhood is often referred to as “the new France of Montreal.” The rent can be rather steep starting at $350-650 (sharing) and rising to $600 for a 1-bedroom place and over $900 for 2 bedrooms.


Known as the “new plateau”, Rosemont is the neighbourhood to choose if you are looking for something a bit more affordable. Over the past few years, the area has had an impressive facelift, transforming into a trendy location for families and young professionals. Enjoy quaint restaurants and interesting boutiques that line the streets including the famous Jean-Talon market which offers fresh produce and delicious cuisine on a daily basis. If you are looking for a suburb with a larger population of English-speakers, then Rosemont-Petite-Patrie may be for you.


If you have a few extra dollars in your pocket, Westmount offers beautiful, sprawling homes and a bird’s eye view over Montreal from the top of Mount Royal. As a wealthy area, the homes become more and more impressive as you climb the mountain. Many established families have moved here due to the excellent schools, many parks and safe living conditions. The average family income of living in an area like Westmount is $195,085.00 and a home will set you back by CAD$2 million.


If you are looking for a suburb further outside of the city, then Ahuntsic is an ideal option. The residents in this laid back neighbourhood are mostly French-speaking or bilingual and consist of some families and many retirees. Culture and theatre are a big part of the community with theatres and musical events offering locals and visitors a unique experience. The average family income of residents is $64,569.00 and immigrants account for 35.9% of the total Ahuntsic population. Most people in the area rent apartments or homes.