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Newfoundland and Labrador

Updated: February 2nd, 2020

Natural.Distinct.Historic- the City of St.John has a lot to offer you who chose to migrate to Canada and make this incredible seafront city of Newfoundland and Labrador your new home. Our easy to read guide is packed full of useful information and spectacular pictures that’ll make you an expert on St.John in no time!

Welcome to St. John's

Known as the oldest city in North America, St.John has a rich history. The city's extraordinary story is told through museums and art galleries, local restaurants and pubs along the narrow, winding streets. From delicious Cod dishes to iceberg viewing and top education institutions if you want to study in Canada, you will be spoilt for choice in St.John. Read More Here.

Education in St. John's

The calmness and friendliness of St. John’s makes it one of the best cities to come when you decide to study in Canada. There are two esteemed universities in the city and 25 private career colleges. The primary- and secondary-school systems include 262 public schools and six private schools. Public schools in Canada are free of charge. Read More Here.

10 Fun Facts About St. John's

Why do St.John have a street called the Jellybean row? Which famous people lived in St.John? What unique nautical watersports do resident get up to? Here’s 10 Fun Facts that’ll make you excited to migrate to Canada! Read More Here.

Cost of Living in St. John's

Let’s talk money. If you want to migrate to Canada and live in the picturesque city of St.John, it is important that you to know how much you will pay for groceries, school fees, rent prices, transportation etc. Find out why St.John is one of Canada’s most livable cities! Read More Here.

Explore St. John's

Explore and hike your way through paradise with over 300 kms of hiking trails that take you past historical sites, lighthouses and natural reserves. The well known nighttime scene of George Street in St John’s is a must to experience when you visit Canada. Check out the top 10 places that’s a must-see in the city! Read More Here.

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