Cost of Living in Newfoundland and Labrador

The first thing you want to know when you migrate to Canada, is the affordability and quality of life. If you chose Newfoundland and Labrador as your new home, then you also chose an excellent and affordable quality of life. St.John is the capital city of Newfoundland and Labrador and the cost of living in the city is a lot lower than in other more popular Canadian cities, like Toronto and Vancouver.

If you want to start budgeting before you migrate to Canada, here is a list of typical monthly expenses to consider and how much you will pay to live in St. John.

The city of St.John at dusk

Housing in St. John's

Front entrance to a cottage in st johns

The most important thing is a roof over your head. The good news is that low housing prices combined with a higher-than-average income level make St.John an ideal final destination if you are looking for a great deal when you migrate to Canada.

Buying a house in St.John is significantly lower than buying a house in other provinces. For example, a house that costs C$150,000 in St.John, might cost more than C$350,000 in Vancouver. According to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), the average housing price in St.John is C$169,000 and provincial average is around C$155,000.

Want to rent an apartment when you migrate to Canada?

If you want to rent an apartment in St.John this is what you will approximately pay for rent:

  • A 1 bedroom apartment in City Centre, C$859,29
  • A 1 bedroom apartment Outside of City Centre, C$681,25
  • A 3 bedroom apartment in City Centre, C$1,319,23
  • A 3 bedroom apartment Outside of City Centre, C$1,136,36

Food & Groceries in St. John's

A dish of fish and chips

The increase of young chefs to Newfoundland embracing the power of the great local ingredients is turning the province into a must-visit culinary destination and St. John is leading the way. Newfoundland’s major industry is fishing, therefor it comes as no surprise that St.John’s speciality lies in a variety of delicious cod dishes. Here are the top 5 dishes to try in St. John's.

  1. Fish and Chips- C$9,99
    Fluffy, golden battered cod sitting atop a pile of crisp chips. For the best fish and chips in the city, head to Duke of Duckworth.

  2. Moose stew- C$22
    Wild Newfoundland moose, carrots, turnip, parsnip, onion, bun and butter.

  3. Cod tongues and cheeks- C$14
    It may not sound appetizing, but these battered and fried pieces of cod can be delicious when done right! They can be found on pub menus across the city.

  4. Toutons-C$2 each
    The ultimate breakfast food in Newfoundland, toutons consist of bread dough fried up like pancakes and topped with molasses or maple syrup. Classic Cafe East has the best toutons for cheap.

  5. Poutine- C$8
    If you migrate to Canada, you will be hearing the name of this dish a lot. Poutine is the famous dish loved by Canadians and available across Canada. It’s a simple dish, that consists of fried chips covered in cheese and gravy.

What about your groceries?

Here is a price list of a few basic food items available at supermarkets in St.John

  • 500g boneless chicken breast - C$8
  • 12 large eggs - C$5, 23
  • 1 kg of tomatoes - C$4, 94
  • 500 gr of local cheese - C$9
  • 1kg of apples - C$4,24
  • 1kg of potatoes - C$2,67
  • Bread for 2 people for 1 day - C$3,12
  • 1kg white rice - C$5,00

Transportation in St. John's

Busy two lane road at the heart of newfoundland

Public Busses: Metrobus is the public bus system which operates throughout St. John's and the City of Mount Pearl. The cash fare for one adult is $2.25 and exact change is required. M-Cards (monthly, semester or multiple ride passes) can be purchased at various locations throughout the city.

Taxis: St. John's has several taxi companies operating 24 hours a day. Taxi meter rates start at $3.75. It is best to telephone for a taxi. You can request a non-smoking taxi if you prefer and some taxis offer child car seats upon request.

Renting a vehicle: To operate a vehicle within St. John you are required to have a valid provincial driver's license.

St. John's has a number of car rental agencies located throughout the City including at St. John's International Airport. If you are considering renting a vehicle, it is wise to book in advance particularly in the summer season when rental vehicles are in high demand.

Education in St. John's

Male graduate in blue graduation gown

What you may need to pay for

  • School trips;
  • Stationary;
  • School supplies, like geometry sets; and
  • guest speaker costs

If you want to further your studies and gain a Canadian qualification, you can enroll at one of St.John’s finest quality tertiary institutions.

Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN)

The Memorial University of St.John was established in 1925. It is known for its programs like medicine, education, business, geology and engineering. With this, MUN is considered to be one of the top Canadian universities. MUN has a typical student enrollment of 17,500 every year. This makes it the largest university in Atlantic Canada. MUN delivers courses at its four main campuses with 1,100 faculty and 2,300 staff.

A single full-time international master’s student can expect to pay approximately C$19,344.71 for an academic year.

A full-time international undergraduate student can expect to pay approximately C$11,440 for an academic year.

Average Salaries in St. John's

The average salary in St.John is approximately C$50, 720 annually. Check what you will be paid on average per year if you migrate to Canada as a:

  • Software developer: C$60,164
  • High School Teacher: C$61,127
  • Carpenter: C$60,000
  • Copywriter: C$42,000
  • Warehouse Manager: C$80,000
  • Truck Driver: C$65,000
  • Registered Nurse: C$56,000
  • Dentist: C$177,000
  • Child Care Provider: C$42,000