Top 10 Reason to Visit Saskatoon

1. Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo

Why not visit the Saskatoon Forestry Farm and Zoo? With over 90 different species of birds, mammals, reptiles and more to see from the great grizzly bear to the Komodo Dragon.

There is something for everyone at the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo. Your children can explore the Kinsmen Children’s Zoo. Let your children get close to animals like the cute pygmy goat, rabbits and for those brave children the White Knee Tarantula.

Brown grizzly bear taking an easy day relaxing in the sun

Discover the natural world of wildlife all as you wander around this unique park. If you want to find out more, you can check out the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo website.

2. Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Saskatoon

Traditionally painted Ukrainian easter eggs

Are you a lover of cultural history and art? Then the Ukrainian Museum in Canada may be just the right place for you! Learn about the first Ukrainian immigrants to come to Canada during the 19th century.

You can take a tour and into the world of Ukrainian folklore art from 1000s of Easter eggs, wooden carvings coral necklaces and more. The Ukrainian Museum in Saskatoon also has one of the largest collections of Ukrainian textiles in Northern America, and houses many irreplaceable items, some that are over 100 years old that were brought by the first Ukrainian immigrants to the shores of Canada. You can check out the Ukrainian Museum of Canada website for more information.

3. Beaver Creek Conservation Area, Saskatoon

Bison herd slowly moving across the grassland prairie

Do you love the great outdoors? The Beaver Creek Conservation Area is a must see on your list. The unique and diverse ecosystem of the great rolling prairie landscape is a great way to unwind, away from the bustling cities of today.

From nature trails that winds down the South Saskatchewan river, to pathways that you can walk along to the calming and beautiful sound of the meadowlark. The Beaver Creek Conservation Area gives you the opportunity to enter the calming natural world of Canada.

Worried that your children may be bored, have no fear, your kids are also have the chance to learn about Saskatchewan wildlife . The park offers hands on activities that help your children learn through fun play like the puppet theatre or SaskEnergy Beaver Pond.

Want to learn more about this awesome park? Then you can check out the Beaver Creek Conservation Area website.

4. Persephone Theatre, Saskatoon

The Persephone Theatre housed in the Remain Art Gallery

For those who love live performances on the stage, the Persephone Theatre is just made for you! Sigh, laugh, cry and immerse yourself in the world of creative theatrical performances that are hosted at the Persephone Theatre throughout the year.

Persephone Theatre hosts a variety of genres from comedies, classical, tragedy to even contemporary pieces of the modern day. The theatre offers something for everyone, so discover the beautiful world of the human imagination and experience it all for yourself.

If you want to find out more, you can click on the Persephone Theatre website.

5. Apex Trampoline Park, Saskatoon

Trampoline Park in saskatoon

Tired of visiting too many museums, and parks. Bored of standing around all day? Then why not burn away the boredom and fatigue at the Apex Trampoline Park in Saskatoon? This trampoline park offers a variety of different jump sessions from toddler time, to free jumping when you just want to ignore gravity.

But Apex Trampoline Park also offer another type of jumping experience. The Trampoline Park Night Club!

With live DJs and a state of the art surround system, you can bounce and jump in time to the music, because this Trampoline party goes on until midnight. For more information you can check Apex Trampoline Park website.

6. Prairie Sun Brewery and Cafe, Saskatoon

The entrance to Remai Modern Art Gallery

If you are craving the awesome taste of fermented hops in golden brew, then you can visit the Prairie Sun Brewery and Cafe. With a variety of flag ship home brewed goodness to choose from.

Try home crafted ales like the Crazy Farm Ale, based on Northwest Belgium ale crafting with a twist of local Saskatchewan flavour. Or peruse the Urban Wheat beer from Southern Germany, with its own unique fruity blend.

Had enough of the tasty beers on offer? Then you can take a load off and relax in the Prairie Sun Cafe, and enjoy a great selection of food that compliment the drinks.

Take a tour of the Prairie Sun Brewery and learn why the brewery is one of the most beloved in Saskatoon, Canada. If you want to find out more, you can explore the Prairie Sun Brewery and Cafe website.

7. Remai Modern Art Gallery, Saskatoon

The entrance to Remai Modern Art Gallery

The Remai Modern Art Gallery sits on the banks of the Saskatchewan River, and offers some of the 11 gallery spaces, spectacular views of the twisting waterway over the city plains.

Remai Modern Art Gallery hosts a assortment of art designs and tastes from the 21st century. Your can immerse yourself with the on site tours offers to visitors, and you should know that Sunday 1pm tours are normally offered free of charge!

The building besides having its own art gallery also boasts a theatre, restaurant, store, lounge, play areas and numerous other multi-use spaces. If you want to learn more, check out the Remai Modern Art Gallery website.

8. LB Distillers

half full wine glasses

LB Distillers, also known formally as Lucky Bastard Distillers is the place you visit in Saskatoon when you have an unbound love of great cocktails, designer drinks, liqueurs and spirits. LB is your one stop shop.

LB also offer free tours of their brewing process, along with fantastic tasting sessions of liquid goodness. Each tour offer 5 unique product samples, and if you like them enough, you can buy a full sample for yourself at their store.

Check out the LB Distiller website for more information

9. Cranberry Flats Conservation Area Saskatoon

The boardwalk down to the river at Cranberry Flats Conservation Area

The Cranberry Flats Conservation Area spans an impressive 6,700 hectares of land that make up the Meewasin Valley. The Flats are world renowned for its leading part in nature conservation, and thanks to that, the Flats are a unique and beautiful ecosystem to visit, brimming with birdlife and other wild residents of Saskatchewan.

Cranberry Flats Conservation is a great place to take the family out for a day of exploration. Pack a lunch and picnic alongside the stunning sandy beaches, or make your way in into the heart of Cranberry Flats in the self guided nature trails.

10. Wanuskewin Heritage Park, Saskatoon

A young native american women perform a traditional dance for her audience

Wanuskewin Heritage Park is a monument to history of the Northern Plains indigenous people of Canada. The park is designed to help visitors connect and understand the culture of bygone societies and their bond with the land.

With tours available for all, learn the history of the people traditional dances and their enriching visitor centre. Wanuskewin also gives you a chance to camp out in traditional tipis under the stunning aurora borealis lights, while guides tell you traditional stories in the light of the campfire.

If you want to find out more, check out the Wanuskewin Heritage Park website.