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Victoria City Guide

Updated: May 9th, 2021

The city of Victoria, British Columbia, started off its life in 1843 as a fort city for the famous trading Hudson’s Bay Company, today hints of its British ancestry still linger, from horse-drawn carriages to olden-style tea rooms.  

Early evening at the port of Victoria, Canada

Nonetheless the city is a has also embraced the modern world, and provides a fantastic array of entertainment and attractions. The city of Victoria is even fondly known as the “Garden City”, and with a variety of beautiful museums, historic buildings, and botanical gardens, Victoria truly is a stunning city to live in in Canada.    

Welcome to Victoria, British Columbia

Welcome to the stunning city of Victoria, British Columbia. This thriving city of technology and natural beauty is a great place to live in Canada. If you want to find out about the Victorian community and a little bit more about why Victoria, British Columbia is such a great place to live in. READ MORE HERE!

10 Fun Facts About Victoria, British Columbia

How much do you really know about the “Garden City”? Check out our top 10 fun facts about Victoria, British Columbia, and discover why people love to live in Victoria! READ MORE HERE!

Cost of Living in Victoria, British Columbia

Do you want to live in the beautiful city of Victoria, British Columbia? Then discover how much it costs to live here. From average rental prices to your groceries, and even how much a meal could cost you, learn how far your budget can go. READ MORE HERE!

Education in Victoria, British Columbia 

Do you want to have access to world-renown education? Then look no further. Victoria has a lot to offer, from its great public schooling system to tertiary education institutions like the Royal Roads University and the University of Victoria. Learn all you need to know to study in Canada. READ MORE HERE!

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Victoria, British Columbia

Are you ready to have an unforgettable vacation? Then you should add Victoria, British Columbia to your travel plans. This breathtaking, iconic, old-style British city has an array of stunning and fantastic places to visit. From the Butchart Gardens, with acres of beautifully tended flora and arresting nighttime light displays. Or if that doesn’t take your fancy, the Royal British Columbia Museum to immerse yourself in First Nation artists. READ MORE HERE! 

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