Job Opportunities in Victoria BC

The economy in Victoria, British Columbia is in its best state of health in a long time with a million jobs expected to open up in the next seven years, according to a report from a provincial survey. Two-thirds of the openings will come when baby boomers retire and the other third will come as a result of a growing economy. It is estimated that the food and retail industries will create the highest number of job openings with nearly 8,000 jobs expected to be available as soon as this year, registered nurses are nest with 3,067 openings, and then administrative officers with 2,013 positions.

The city’s major industries include the following sectors: agriculture, transportation, mining, fisheries, and healthcare just to mention a few.


With median salary expectations starting at between $50,000 to $55,000 a year, this position requires a person who has a passion for wanting to help other people better themselves, including working with children and enjoy seeing them learn and grow.

Although there is a very high level of competition between teachers in the city and the province of British Columbia as a whole, teachers will always be in demand. Both elementary, and high school level teachers will be needed, however, high school teachers will see the most demand.

Registered Nurse

As is the case throughout Canada Victoria has a huge demand for nurses. With a starting median salary of $60,000 registered nurses are required to be people with compassion, caring, and able to handle stress.

Marketing Manager

Median salary expectations start from $85,000 a year. A marketing manager focuses on strategies to push their products and services, these are creative people who understand market trends and good communicators. As the economy grows with the creation of new firms and companies in the city it is a high-in-demand job with a fierce competition.

Marketing Research Analyst

Market research analyst jobs in British Columbia start with a median salary of around $50,000 a year. It is considered one of the best future jobs because currently, markets are going through a continuous flux and changes. New competitors are entering the market all the time so companies need to be alert of what their competition is up to and also have a better knowledge of who is purchasing their products.

The best candidates for this job are people with an analytical mind and critical thinking skills and able to understand changing trends and preferences.

Construction Manager

Construction manager’s median salary starts at around $85,000 a year. It is mainly in demand now because there is such a boom in construction in British Columbia, and while construction jobs didn’t require much education in the past, this will no longer be the case as construction companies have become more sophisticated and take on more complex projects.