Top 10 Reasons to Visit Victoria

Planning a vacation to Canada? Then check out our list of the top 10 reasons to visit Victoria, Canada. From Victorian castles, to botanical gardens, bug parks, seaside attractions and more, discover why Victoria is a tourist destination!

1. Craigdarroch Castle, Victoria

Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, British Columbia

Take a trip to the past ot the era of Queen Victoria in the 1890s. The Craigdarroch Castle is a must see for anyone who visits Canada. The castle was built by the late Baron, Robert Dunsmuir, and has been lovingly restored to its former glory.

Explore over 20,000 square feet, discover 39 unique and victorian based rooms that freeze the world of the privileged 1890s Dunsmuir family in a moment of time. Besides being a national historic site, the Craigdarroch Castle also has one of the largest stained glass collections in America. Giving you the chance to admire beautiful murals, that are truly fantastic to see on a sunny day.

So if you are looking for one of the top tourist destinations to visit in Canada, look out for the Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, British Columbia.

2. Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria

Famous Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria

The Fairmont Empress Hotel constructed pre First World War in 1908, and has all the charm of the era. This luxurious hotel is a place of iconic style, and is well known landmark to all the locals of Victoria.

The hotel also offers another fascinating option for visitors, where you can view the world in miniature at the Miniature World. Miniature World has models based on famous historical events, to castles and more. Take a tour on the tiny side, with Miniature World.

Do you want to dine in style? Then why not have high tea at the Fairmont Empress Hotel? An experience for anyone who visits Canada.

3. Butchart Gardens, Victoria

Historic site Butchart Gardens, Victoria, BC

One of Canada’s top tourist destinations is the Butchart Gardens at Brentwood Bay. The Gardens were created as early as 1904, by the founder Jennie Butchart. Since then, the Butchart Gardens have swelled to 20 hectares of fragrant and lush vegetation, and filled with sunken gardens. From Italian to Japanese style gardens, you can take a tour down the many winding paths in this natural wonderland.

Take your children to the Rose Carousel, and let them ride on adorably crafted animals, from ostriches to bears and zebras, all lovingly hand handcrafted. Or enjoy the cool Canadian evening and explore the Butchart Gardens as they are illuminated by 1000s of lights as you wander under the night sky. The Gardens even host evening shows that last all throughout summer, so take a picnic blanket, bring a lawn chair and soak in the wonderful performances.

Find out more about on the Butchart Garden website.

4. Hatley Park National Historic Site, Victoria

Hatley Castle national historic site in Victoria, BC

Hatley Park National Historic Site was constructed in 1908 by James Dunsmuir. Over 200 feet long, and with turrets reaching up to 82 feet high, this historical site with its stretching Japanese, Italian and rose gardens are a spectacle to see.

Formerly the Hatley Castle housed cadets and officers of the Royal Roads Military College, but today the castle has become a more intellectual place as the part of the Royal Roads University. Take a tour of the castle grounds and explore the wonderful flora in the wonderfully preserved grounds.

If you have a hankering for history, the Hatley Castle also has a museum on site that is dedicated to preserving the history of the castle. The museum can be found in the basement of the castle. If you are after a professional history buff, you can request a guided tour of the grounds. Want to find out more? Check out the Hatley Park National Historic Site website.

5. Beacon Hill Park, Victoria

Beacon Hill Park, Victoria BC

Are you after a day in the sun? Then you should visit the Beacon Hill Park in Victoria. Located near the city centre of Victoria, this splendid park offers a variety of entertainment for you and the whole family. From playgrounds, putt putt courses, cricket pitches and picnic areas, the park is a great place to just take a day to enjoy the outdoors. Let the kids have fun at the onsite water park, or let them get close and personal with cute animals at the petting zoo.

If you want to enjoy spectacular views then you can admire the highest point of Beacon Hill Park, that gives a wonderful panoramic view from across the Juan de Fuca Strait to the distant snowy mountain tops of the Olympic Peninsula. If you prefer jumping off heights instead of admiring them, then why not paraglide down. The park is also a great place for kite enthusiasts, and is a awesome place for sailboarders.

6. Fisherman’s Wharf, Victoria

Victoria Inner Harbor, Fisherman Wharf, Victoria

This floating treasure is hidden just around the corner of Victoria Harbour. Take the family down to the wayside, and see what these floating homes, and unique shops can offer you. From tasty and fresh seafood delivered right in front of you, to the local ice cream stalls to help keep you cool on those hot Canadian summer days.

Want to go on an eco tour to see magnificent whales as they splash on by? Maybe you want to explore Fisherman’s Wharf by boat, well you can. Take the harbour waters in your very own water taxi. So if you are after a day in the sun and water, then Fisherman’s Wharf is a great tourist destination in Victoria, Canada.

7. Victoria Bug Zoo, Canada

child holding a young adolescent Tarantula

Opened in 1997 the Victoria Bug Zoo has opened the doors to the fantastic world of insects. Located in downtown Victoria the zoo hosts over 50 different creepy crawlies from around the world.

Get your very own tour of the bugs and the world they live in, from giant walking stick insects to glow in the dark scorpions and tarantulas. Get a hands on experience for you and the kids and have the chance to hold some of well know little residents. So if you want to visit Canada, make sure you drop by the Victoria Bug Zoo!

If you want to find out more, you can look at their Victoria Bug Zoo website.

8. Chinatown Victoria, Canada

Fan Tan Alley in Victoria Chinatown

Victoria’s Chinatown is another must see, if you visit Canada. Designated as a historical site in 1995, Chinatown is a proud testament to some of the first chinese immigrants to land on Canada’s shores some 150 year ago during the era of the Canadian gold rush.

Today the wooden shacks of Victoria’s Chinatown have been replaced with hip restaurants, unique shops and souvenir shops that burst with chinese charm. Get a taste of asia, and visit some of the local grocers or sample one of the many food vendors that sprawl in the Victoria’s Chinatown.

9. Victoria Butterfly Gardens, Canada

Brown Clipper Butterfly

The Victoria Butterfly Gardens are a fantastic place to visit in Canada. Surround yourself with thousands of butterflies with over 70 species to be found in this tropical paradise.

But stunning butterflies are not the only thing you can see at the Victoria Butterfly Gardens. The gardens are also home to everything from poison dart frogs to iguanas, flamingos and tropical birds. And the great news for you animal lovers is that all animals at the Victoria Butterfly Gardens are adopted, donated or rescued.

Want to find out more information? Check out the Victoria Butterfly Garden website.

10. Royal British Columbia Museum, Victoria

Thunderbird Park of Victoria, BC

If you visit Canada, don’t miss out on this top tourist destination in Victoria, BC. The Royal British Columbia Museum is a must see, if you want to learn the natural and cultural roots of Canada.

Walk along the stunning west coast beaches and tidal wetlands, and soak in the traditional aboriginal ceremonial masks, pole and other displays. Discover how the original First Nations struggled against the early europeans colonizers.

Board an interactive replica of the HMS Discovery, the ship that first brought Captain Vancouver to the shores of Canada. So if you want a taste of the past, why not visit the Royal British Columbia Museum?

Want to find out more? Then check out the Royal British Columbia Museum website.