Job opportunities in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is the capital of the city of Manitoba, one of the countries most diversified economies. Some of the major industries thriving in Winnipeg include trade, manufacturing, education and health care. With an ever growing Aboriginal population, it’s no wonder trade is still alive and growing today as Winnipeg is one of the original trading centres in Canada.


Winnipeg is home to one of the world’s largest independent repair firms with the third biggest aerospace centre located in Winnipeg. Almost every element of the aerospace industry has landed in Winnipeg. Winnipeg also hails as the most cost-effective city for aerospace raking in more than $800 million in the industry, which makes it competitive on a global scale.

Boeing Canada Winnipeg, StandardAero, Magellan Aerospace and Cormer Aerospace are some of the prestigious Aerospace firms with headquarters in Winnipeg. Winnipeg’s Centre for Aerospace Technology and Training is one of three such facilities in the country.



Winnipeg owes much of its growth to agriculture as it has contributed a great deal to where their economy is now. Winnipeg is a global agricultural powerhouse as The Canadian Grain Commission, Canadian Wheat Board and ICE Futures Canada are all stationed in Winnipeg. Famous for the development of canola at the University of Manitoba, which is now the home to an Agriculture and Agri-Food research centre, Winnipeg has nine world-recognized major food development and research centres.


Winnipeg is home to two outstanding universities namely; the University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg. The educational system engages in many international student programs as well as study and work abroad programs, strengthening international connections and partnerships to create economic and employment opportunities for Manitobans.

Energy and Environment

Did you know Winnipeg has among the lowest rates or hydroelectricity in North America? Manitoba Hydro is the largest exporter of electricity to the U.S and is a powerful centre of natural gas distribution and energy development. Over 500 business are engaged in the energy and environment sector in Winnipeg. Manitoba Hydro’s “Power Smart” programs are amidst Canada’s most successful energy-efficient incentives.