5 Canadian Universities Among The World’s Top 50 International Universities In 2017

Five Canadian universities have been ranked in the top 50 worldwide international universities, by the Times Higher Education universities rankings for 2017. International universities are those that actively seek to attract international students and staff recruitment and also develop support networks for their international community.

A university’s international characteristic may also include research collaborations with foreign institutions and scholars and partnerships with institutions and businesses overseas. Students at such universities may receive global education, with opportunities to learn and work abroad. Career preparation at international universities assist students to enter a globally connected workforce.

University of British Columbia

Ranked at number 12 is the Univeubcrsity Of British Columbia (UBC). British Columbia is a favorable destination for international foreign workers, temporary workers and permanent workers alike and the city of Vancouver is ready to welcome them. As one of Canada’s more diverse cities, the area is home to over a dozen international languages and nationalities. UBC is a large university and the various student groups on campus help international students feel at home. The university’s strengths lie in research, arts, and sciences, not forgetting the stunning natural setting. Among the universities found on this prestigious list, only the University of British Columbia has more international students.

The University of British Columbia is one of the world’s top 35 universities, providing excellence in teaching and research. It is a comprehensive institution with more than 250 graduate programs in 142 specializations and 2000 potential supervisors, it is very likely that the university will have a mentor for your research interests.

The University of British Columbia values diversity and strongly encourages international students to apply for our graduate programs. Over 25% of the total student population is made up of international students.

McGill University

McGill University is recognized worldwide. Ranked at number 23 in these rankings, the university is one of the oldest in Canada and the oldest on the list, and its reputation is backed by almost 200 years of experience. On the other hand, it’s teaching, and research are entirely up to date, the institution is known for hosting major research symposiums in areas as diverse as biotechnology, aviation, languages, public policy and more. International students are attracted by more than just the academics, its downtown location in a bilingual and vibrant city appropriately described as a “playground” ensures that students are able to enjoy their downtime.

McGill University has the highest percentage of international students among Canada’s top research universities, with faculty members coming from across the world, and many dynamic international partnerships. Graduate students make up roughly 36% of McGill’s 36,500 students. The educational and personal contacts made at McGill yield lifetime benefits. As part of the most international student body in Canada, students are exposed to different global perspectives that will enrich their research acumen and life in general.

University of Alberta

Ranked as number 31 onuofA this list, the University of Alberta recently caught the public eye when it announced that it had waived application fees for citizens of the seven countries affected by President Trump’s executive orders banning entry into the United States from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and Sudan. This action is not entirely new as it keeps in line with their approach towards international students in general. The University of Alberta already waives graduate fees for applicant students from many of the countries on the United Nations list of least developed countries. The university is conveniently located in Edmonton, a thriving city known as the Gateway of the North, the University of Alberta hosts international students from more than 150 countries.

The University of Alberta administers more than 125 outgoing education abroad programs, including exchange, internships, and summer programs. The University of Alberta also supports international incoming student mobility through internship and administration of incoming scholarship programs. The university also offers services to assist international students, staff, and the city’s communities in many aspects of internationalization and international engagement.

Through its community engagement initiative, the university engages the campus, Edmonton and the world community in topical global issues through a special event programming such as the international week.

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is popular not only for its strong study programs but also for the work opportunities available. It can boast the largest co-op education program of its kind in the world, with approximately 96 percent of the students participating in work internships that may contribute towards their degree or diploma. Many international students value this opportunity to gain relevant Canadian work experience during their studies. Given the university’s location in a technology hub, home to big-name companies like Google and Blackberry, as well as more start-up companies than anywhere in North America outside of Silicon Valley, employment opportunities are also very enticing at this institution.

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is an undisputed powerhouse of the education scene in the Canadian higher education scene. With partnerships and offices around the world, the university offers its domestic and international students the chance to learn in a highly competitive and globalized environment.

The university provides over 700 study programs that ensure a diverse range of choice for its students. The university welcomes international students from more than 190 different countries and make-up nearly 25% of the overall student population on the campus.

Each year, students choose the University of Toronto because of its reputation as one of the world’s top universities. Ranked at number 32 in the rankings the U of T as the institution is commonly known, is one of the world’s top research-intensive universities, driven to invent and to innovate. The ideas, innovations, and actions of more than 500,000 graduates continue to have a positive impact on the world.

Ranking criteria

The rankings are based on one criterion the “international outlook” factor, which assesses the ratio of international students and staff, and the level of international collaboration. Institutions with a high level of international-to-domestic student ratio and a high international-to-domestic staff ratio. In addition, institutions with a high proportion of research journal publications featuring at least on international co-author are ranked based on this factor.

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