Evaluate Credentials

If you have studied outside of Canada, you will need to have your credentials evaluated by the institution that you are applying to. You can visit the school website or contact the school directly to find out the information and process, as each institution has its own method of processing applications.

Some schools ask that you use a credential evaluation system that will evaluate your application separately from the university or college, however, this assessment is only advisory and does not guarantee approval. It does assist in giving post-secondary institutions knowledge of an applicant’s academic background. In most cases, you will need to have your qualifications translated by a professional into English or French.  

There are a few questions that you can ask the school when applying, including:

  • Do I need to have my credentials assessed and will there be a fee involved?
  • What types of documents do I need to apply?
  • Which company can I use for my evaluation and must it be translated into English?

Who can evaluate my credentials?

There are a few companies that offer these services including the International Credentials Assessment Service (ICAS) of Canada. This company evaluates credentials from secondary school, post-secondary school, and technical qualifications and their reports describe the education you did outside of Canada and compare it to education you can get in Canada.