Top 5 Universities in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is widely known as “Canada’s Ocean playground”, with its calm relaxing towns, hiking trails, beach towns and many more. You would be forgiven for thinking the province is all about play, but Nova Scotia has a well-reputed and organized higher education system too. If you want to live and study in Nova Scotia, your study options are nearly limitless, with opportunities at community colleges, agricultural schools, vocational schools and many more. There are a lot of study opportunities for students looking for the right training and education, therefore we list the top 5 Universities and colleges you may wish to consider in Nova Scotia.

Dalhousie University

A non-profit public higher education institution that was founded in 1818, Dalhousie University is located in the urban area of the small town of Halifax, in Nova Scotia. The University has an enrollment of between 15,000 to 20,000 students, offering courses and programs with undergraduate certificates, associate degrees, bachelor degree, master’s degree and a doctorate degree in different areas of study.

The University holds a 198-year-old tradition of a somewhat selective policy of only accepting admissions to students based on past academic records and grades, with the admission rate standing at 70-80 percent.

Dalhousie accepts international students and currently these students account for 14 percent of the total student population. The university also provides non-academic facilities and services to students such as; student financial aids and scholarships, a fully equipped library, student housing, sports activities and facilities, including study abroad and exchange programs.

St. Mary’s University

Located in the heart of Halifax, the University was established in 1808, offering undergraduate programs in arts, science, environment and commerce, as well as masters, doctorate, and pre-professional programs. St. Mary’s University has a unique approach to education and learning in that they nurture students’ potential in small closely-knit groups that are multicultural and encourage student involvement in an international environment.

The University offers a very internationally friendly campus with more than a quarter of the students coming from 106 countries across the world. The University currently has 38,000 full and part-time students, and St Mary’s continues to make educational progress in its support for students with disabilities.

Mount Saint Vincent University

group of students seating in university campus lawn

Mount Saint Vincent University is committed to providing the best university educational experience for all members of the community, and to developing thoughtful, imaginative citizens who make a positive impact in the world.

The university has become famous for its small-size classes and personalized approach to learning, with flexible schedules to suit the diverse needs of its students with distance learning. The Faculty and research centres provide learning opportunities for students while creating new knowledge and advancement in areas of health, food security, literacy, child development and many more. Their undergraduate degrees in Public Relations and Child Youth Study are the only programs of their kind to be offered in the province.


An undergraduate university found in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Acadia is ranked as one of the best arts colleges in Canada and its location in the small town of Wolfville means it leaves you with a feeling of attachment that is common with small towns. Acadia, however, also offers a quality and excellent education experience.

The University is organized into four different faculties; Pure and Applied Science, Professional Studies, Arts and Theology, with each faculty divided into departments and schools specializing in research and teaching.

At Acadia University, the research programs have a particular focus on ethno-culture diversity, climate change and environmental monitoring, and life style choices contributing to health and wellness.

Nova Scotia Community College

group of international students in class

This is one of Nova Scotia’s most diverse and largest colleges where each year 20,000 – 25,000 new students choose to pursue their academic studies there. The popular college believes quality education has the power to transform individuals, families and communities to achieve extraordinary goals. Students graduating from the college have helped and continue to contribute to the growth of the economy in Nova Scotia, by producing highly skilled workers.

The college ensures it guides and helps new students to find the program that is right for them, with courses in Applied Science, Health and Human Services, Business Studies, Trades and Technology. And they have a specialized program that is designed to help students understand their own strengths and preferences that connects them to pursue a career they love.

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