6 Things to Know Before You Immigrate to Ontario

If a bustling city life that’s alive with possibilities is what you’re after, look no further than the province of Ontario. This is just one of the many driving factors prompting an increasing number of people to immigrate to Ontario. In addition to a metropolitan environment, Ontario also caters to those seeking to be surrounded by nature. It comprises of the most lakes in the world and an array of national parks and indigenous animals. Home of Canada’s capital, Ottawa and the epicentre of business and tourism in the form of Toronto, it’s easy to see why Ontario makes up for a whopping 40 percent of the total Canadian population. Of that population, many are immigrants which makes it easier when you have to adapt after obtaining your permanent residence visa through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (INP) or any other Canadian immigration programs. Find out what the Ontario Nominee Program is and how to make it work for you (along with some need-to-knows about the province) in the paragraphs to follow.

The Low-Down on Ontario

1. Free Healthcare

One of the biggest draws about Ontario is that unlike in many other countries, healthcare in Canada is funded by the Canadian government for the most part. In addition, Prescription medication is free for those under the age of 25. In order to utilize this benefit and to safeguard yourself, ensure that you apply for an Ontario Health Insurance Plan as soon as you immigrate to Ontario.Immigrate to Ontario for free healthcare

2. Quality of Life

Quality of life is superb in Ontario. Boasting one of the most culturally diverse societies in the world, when you immigrate to Ontario you are sure to be exposed to a plethora of high quality restaurants that represent this diversity and you will undeniably be spoilt for choice. Do note that excellent service comes at a price, and a 15% service charge is customary in most places so be sure to tip! If you choose to cook your own meals, fret not- Ontario gives you access to a wide range of fresh local produce. Globally, Ontario fares above average in most categories relating to quality of life with regard to employment, healthcare and social development. In fact, Toronto has bagged first place in a list by The Economist Intelligence Units of the best places to live in the world.City life when you immigrate to Ontario

3.Housing Can Range From Expensive to Relatively Affordable

Depending on where you look, the cost of housing varies, so do your research. Seeking accommodation right in the centre of Toronto is probably set to take a bigger chunk out of your paycheck than say, the more peaceful city of Oakville. Renting a one bedroom apartment in Toronto city centre will set you back about $2000 CAD per month. A one bedroom apartment outside of the city center in Oakville falls in the price range of about $1600 CAD monthly. Naturally, the specific location you settle in depends on your commute to work, your desire to live in the city or a quiet suburb, as well as your financial means.

4.Public Transport Is Efficient and Reliable

Public transport when you immigrate to OntarioA large part of the workforce in Ontario choose public transport to commute to and from their place of work. Another upside the province is having access to an efficient and inexpensive way of getting around. A monthly pass for public transport in Ontario ranges between $130 and $150 CAD.

5.Check If Your Driver's License Is Valid Before You Immigrate to Ontario

If you are planning on driving once you immigrate to Ontario, you may have to retake your drivers test as the one you obtained in your home country may not be valid. Check the validity of your driver's license with regards to the laws in Ontario so you are suitably prepared.

6.The Job Market in Ontario Is a Favorable Environment for Prospective Immigrants

Because Ontario has the largest population in all of Canada, including both the capital of Ottawa and the economic hub of Toronto, it provides a very favourable environment for immigrants who are seeking employment. However, it is important to note that Canada also has the highest rate of people with a college degree in the world, so the more educated a prospective immigrant is, the higher the chances of actually obtaining employment. Many years of work experience in addition to education in the designated field can significantly increase the chances of an immigrant finding employment in as early as the application stage of the immigration process. This is proven in applicants who take the route of the Express Entry Program and the way in which valuable education and skills significantly contribute to a higher Comprehensive Ranking System score and ultimately, being able to be granted permanent residence status. Read more on this below.

The In’s and Out’s of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

Canadian Flag

Essentially, the Ontario INP speeds up the application process for who the province deems to be eligible candidates seeking to immigrate to Ontario. This forms part of the Provincial Nominee Program, which gives the various Canadian provinces the power to nominate visa applicants who fit the bill of what they require with regards to the labour market at any specific time. This nomination can significantly contribute to your Comprehensive Ranking System score and increase your chances of obtaining your permanent residence visa to Canada through the Express Entry Immigration Program (if relevant to your particular case). The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program has specific categories that fast-track the application process for eligible candidates. Briefly, the three categories are as follows:

1. Employer Job Offer

  • International Student Stream
  • In-Demand Skills Stream
  • Foreign Worker Stream

2. Human Capital Category

  • Masters Graduate Stream
  • PhD Graduate Stream
  • Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream
  • Express Entry French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream
  • Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream

3. Business Category

  • Entrepreneur Stream
  • Corporate Stream
  • Investors Stream

The categories pertaining to the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program could seem vast and complicated and it may very well be that you’re unsure of which category is relevant to you. With the help of our qualified and experienced Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants, this can be clarified, simplified and done on your behalf. Sign up to ensure you have the best chance to immigrate to Ontario, Canada.