Canada Immigration 2018 - 2020 Goals

By now everyone should know that Canada is the top destination for immigrants. Known for its stunning natural landscapes, friendly people and civil liberties, it truly is a place anyone can call home. Being the 2nd largest country in the world, there is ample room and opportunity for all to make a new life for themselves.

Starting in 2018, Canada has expanded their immigration program to new heights surpassing previous years intakes. We are excited to announce that Canada Immigration 2018 is set to welcome 300,000 immigrants into the country. Even better, within the next couple of years over 900,000 will be invited to Canada by the year 2020. Find out why now is the perfect time to immigrate to Canada.

Why Canada Immigration 2018?

As mentioned before, Canada is set to welcome nearly 1 million immigrants in the next couple of years. Canada immigration 2018 is just the start! Now is the perfect time to start your application to secure your spot among the hundreds of thousands of newcomers.

Many people tend to wait for the “right” time to make important life decisions, but let me tell you there will never be the “right time.” Do not hesitate to take an opportunity when it is given to you, because you don’t have anything to lose. If you are wondering whether you will qualify to immigrate, get evaluated instead of doubting yourself.

With the record low CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) scores of the past couple of months, it seems to be getting to and easier to immigrate to Canada. For those who don’t know, your CRS score is determined by your core human capital. This is a numerical score out of a possible 1200 based on factors, like language, qualifications, educational history and work experience. The higher your score the more likely you will be selected to receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence.

The last Express Entry draw had a minimum CRS score of 440 and tied for the lowest of the year. It is expected the cut-off point will remain so low and even drop with the coming Express Entry draws of 2018 because Canada needs to meet their immigration targets before the end of year.

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Start your application today so that you can get your profile into the Express Entry pool quickly. We can get you considered for immigration in the fastest possible time. Sign up with our services and get evaluated by a team of experts dedicated to improving people’s lives through Canadian immigration.

Why Are Immigrants Needed?

Canada is in desperate need of immigrants to fill extreme labour shortages in the country. In fact, the mayor of Quebec City, Régis Labeaume recently referred to the issue as “dangerous”. In Quebec city alone, there is an urgent need to fill 17,000 jobs. Régis recommends the city increase their intake of immigrants to about 5,300 newcomers a year.

Quebec city is not the only place in Canada experiencing large labour shortages. The whole of Atlantic Canada (Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador and Saskatchewan) is fighting the same issue. The government addressed the labour shortage by implementing the Atlantic Pilot program, a fast-track immigration program to get skilled and unskilled labourers to live and work in the provinces and territories.

Not only is the shortage of workers in Canada a big problem for the country, but it is also experiencing a severe decline in population growth. For this reason, Canada needs to welcome even more newcomers to their borders in order to ensure the growth of the economy for the future.

How to Immigrate to Canada

There are over 60 routes to Canada for you to choose from. The trick is applying for the program that is right for you. Each and every one of these categories has specific requirements you need to meet in order to successfully immigrate through them. Below we discuss some of the popular streams among our clients.

Canada’s Express Entry system, as the name implies, is one of the quickest routes you can take to immigrate which, of course, makes it one of the most popular programs. Express Entry was created in order to fast-track immigration to Canada. Initially, the aim was to process applications within a period of six months; however, we are glad to let you know that Canada has exceeded expectations and now most applications get processed in as little as four months.

Provincial Nomination Programs or PNPs are province and territory specific programs that empower Canada’s provinces and territories to attract and retain immigrants in their borders. Typically, these take on an employer-centric approach, meaning employers contact you by looking at your Expression of Interest profile. Each PNP has multiple subcategories, each with their own set of requirements, so navigating them can be a confusing mess without the help of a professional. If you want to immigrate to a specific province or territory, this is the best option for you.

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If you have family members who are citizens or permanent residents of Canada, you are in luck! Canada offers family members a chance to reunite in the country through the family sponsorship program. However, not all family members qualify as sponsors and certain requirements must be met by both the sponsor and applicant, for instance, you can only sponsor a spouse, common-law partner, dependent children, parents, grandparents or orphaned close relatives.

It is best to get informed about immigration from a source you can trust. Visit our website to discover comprehensive information about all these programs and so much more. Let’s make Canada immigration 2018 happen for you.