Canada Immigration Programs Lift Barriers for Skilled Workers

For the last decade, Canada has been steadily increasing its immigration policy to help the country keep up with its mounting aging population thanks to a number of new Canada immigration programs.

With immigration goals of 310,000 immigrants for 2018 and 330,000 immigration for 2019, Canada is looking to the rest of the world for skilled labour!

Canada also has 540,000 new jobs available for those with the skills to fill them. It’s no surprise that this sparsely populated country has been snapping up skilled immigrants from countries, like China, India, Pakistan, Nigeria and so many more to help fill gaps in the labour markets, like:

  • Agriculture, forestry and fishing;
  • Construction;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Wholesale trade;
  • Retail trade;
  • Educational services;
  • Health care and social assistance;
  • Professional, scientific and technical services; and
  • Administrative and support

This quarter of 2018 saw the country invite more than 87,661 new immigrants under various Canada immigration program into their borders according to Statistics Canada.

Improved Processing Times for International Students

students busy in class

Canada has improved processing times for countries like the Philippines, India, China, Iran and Pakistan. This comes in the wake of Canada creating more immigrant friendly solutions for International students. Under the Student Direct Stream (SDS), the application processing times for students coming from the following countries have been shortened:

  • China;
  • India;
  • Philippines; and
  • Vietnam

The SDS also has plans to expand the program to Africa, mainly Kenya and Senegal which is directly aimed at French speaking students.

Booming Jobs in the Tech Industry

young programmers at work

Canada has been gaining a reputation as the new silicon valley of Northern America, thanks to the U.S. teetering support for the H-1B program which is normally used by international skilled tech workers to gain a work permit in the U.S.

But not to worry, Canada has stepped into the gap and introduced its own Global Talent Stream. This immigration stream lets highly skilled tech workers immigrate in less than two weeks! There has been an increase in jobs opening across the country especially in these top 6 tech jobs.

  • Business analysts;
  • Software and web developers;
  • Data scientists;
  • Java scripters;
  • Software engineers; and
  • Data analysts

You can even immigrate to Canada through another technology based immigration category called the Global Skills Strategy Stream that has a processing time of two weeks!

Through this stream, you can move to Canada with your spouse or partner and your dependant children when they apply for a visitor visa, study permit or a work permit.

Canada has welcomed many immigrants over the years, to give you a better idea of how immigrants are distributed you can take a look at the table below.

Country of BirthNumber of Immigrants
Philippines 188.805
India 147,190
China 129,020
Iran 42,070
Pakistan 41,480
U.S. 33,060

What Canada Immigration Programs Can You Qualify For?

With over 70 Canada immigration programs and streams, Canada is looking to invite more talented workers into the country than ever before. If you want to be one of them, why not sign up on our site to get you started on your journey and discover the best visa for your future.