How to Apply for a Working Holiday in Canada from Chile in 2022

If you want to omit the idea of saving up for years before you travel, then a working holiday is an amazing option for you. This is a great way to earn and work in Canada! Whether you want to be a camp counsellor at Lake Louise or a bartender in bustling Toronto, Canada has countless adventures to explore. If you are from Chile and think this could be meant for you, we’ll show you how to apply for a working holiday visa in Canada.

Working Holiday Visa: Here’s How To Apply:

Step 1: Open an online profile on the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and make sure you are able to meet the criteria listed. You’ll have 60 days to complete your profile .

Step 2: A draw will be conducted where you will need to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Step 3: Submit your application within 20 days of receiving the ITA.

Are you Eligible?

  • Be a citizen of Chile
  • Be admissible to Canada
  • Pay the correct fees
  • Make sure your passport is valid for the duration of your stay in Canada
  • Be between the ages of 18 - 35 (depending on your country of citizenship) when you apply.
  • Have the equivalent of CAD$2,500 or more when you land for basic expenses
  • Have health insurance for the full duration of your stay
  • Have a round-trip ticket or the financial capability to buy a departure ticket for the end of their stay in Canada.
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Can’t be accompanied by dependents
  • Applicants of specific nationalities are required to be residents of their own country of citizenship when they apply for their Working Holiday Visa.

International Experience Canada: Need to Know

A working holiday is one of three categories under the International Experience Canada (IEC). Here are a few things you need to know before you apply for a working holiday in Canada from Chile.

1. Be aware of the deadlines

Once you receive an Invitation To Apply (ITA) you will have 20 days from the time you accept it to submit your application for your work permit.

This might be different to your local time as the submission should be in coordinated universal time (UTC). It’s important that you do not wait for the last day of submission to apply as technical errors could occur and the deadline might be missed.

2. Complete the form online

The great thing about filling in the form for the work permit is that your information gets stored, so you can go back to it as many times as you need to before you submit it.

Make sure to:

  • Answer everything completely and be honest
  • Fill out the mandatory fields
  • Don’t leave any gaps in your education and work history
  • Include unpaid and paid form of work in the history section


3. Documents you’ll need

Proof of financial support

The statement should be issued no more than one week before you leave for Canada.

Medical exams

You’ll need a medical exam if:

  • You’ve worked in specific countries for more than 6 months
  • You plan to work in the health field primary or secondary education, child care or elderly care.

Health insurance

The healthcare insurance must cover:

  • medical care
  • hospitalization
  • repatriation

Additional IEC Programs

Young Professionals

This program is for young professionals who have completed their studies and want to work in Canada. The major requirement for this program is to have a valid letter of employment from a specific company in Canada. If you become a candidate you will get a temporary working visa that will be valid from 12 - 24 months depending on the documentation of the company. This a great way to work in Canada.

International Co-op Internship

This program is specifically for students who want to finish an internship or work placement in Canada as part of their academic curriculum. You’ll need to find an occupation that is relevant to your field of study, and that will benefit you. This permit is usually only valid for 12 months.


Which countries are eligible for a working holiday visa in Canada?

Below are the countries that are eligible for working holiday visas in Canada:

  1. Australia
  2. Austria
  3. Belgium
  4. Chile
  5. Costa Rica
  6. Croatia
  7. Czech Republic
  8. Denmark
  9. Estonia
  10. France
  11. Germany
  12. Greece
  13. Hong Kong
  14. Ireland
  15. Italy
  16. Japan
  17. Korea
  18. Latvia
  19. Lithuania
  20. Luxembourg
  21. Mexico
  22. Netherlands
  23. New Zealand
  24. Norway
  25. Poland
  26. Portugal
  27. San Marino
  28. Slovakia
  29. Slovenia
  30. Spain
  31. Sweden
  32. Switzerland
  33. Taiwan
  34. Ukraine
  35. United Kingdom

What type of work can I do when in the working holiday visa program?

There are many different areas to work in. It’ll depend on what you’d like to do and how hard you’re looking for a job. Many individuals who participate in this program often find work in the tourism and hospitality industries (such as restaurants, pubs, and hotels), where they can find employers that will employ them for shorter periods of time.

If you have qualifications, experience or certifications, you could even work in fields such as:

  • commerce
  • communications
  • education
  • health
  • law
  • science

If you’re applying for the Young Professionals category, your occupation should add to your professional development. It should be classified as the National Occupational Classification (NOC) Code Skill Type or Level 0, A or B.


What tips are there for going to Canada with a working holiday visa?

Here are some tips to make your visit easier when working and earning in Canada:

  • Hire a car, or get familiar with public transport
  • Don’t blow your entire first paycheck
  • Apply for your tax refund at the end of the financial year
  • Apply for travel insurance
  • Get a local sim card
  • Open a bank account
  • Look for an affordable money-transfer app

Can I participate in International Experience Canada more than once?

It’s possible to participate in the International Experience Canada more than once. It’ll differ based on the agreement between your country of citizenship and Canada.

If you're permitted to participate for a second time, you might have to wait a specific time before being able to. This waiting period applies to the following countries:

  • Croatia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Mexico
  • Poland
  • Slovakia
  • Spain

The waiting period will begin after your initial IEC work permit expires. Your application will be refused if you apply for an IEC work permit before the waiting period is over.

You’ll need to check the eligibility requirements to find out if you are allowed to participate for a second time, and for how long you’ll need to wait before taking part for the second time.

If I’m a dual citizen, can I have a working holiday permit under each citizenship?

Yes you can. An example of this would be that you would be able to get a work permit once as a citizen of Chile and for a second time as a citizen of Poland

The requirements for this would be:

  • You should have a valid passport issued from the country you're applying from,
  • meet all of the criteria for this country to be eligible,
  • Provide a letter of explanation for your work permit application that states you’re a dual citizen
  • The other work permit you have is under your other country of citizenship.

Canada has so much potential for those who wish to work and travel in Canada. If you are from Chile and want to apply for a working holiday in Canada, there’s no better time than now.