Working Visa Canada for Foreigners as Federal Skilled Workers

Are you a young immigrant hoping to find the right job for yourself in Canada. If you happen to be a skilled worker you may be in luck you could apply for a working visa. Canada has a program called the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) that is managed by Express Entry.

In 2017, the FSWP invited over 41,360 people to apply as permanent residents of Canada. This was a 400% increase from 2016, meaning that the country is on the lookout for skilled foreign workers even now! Do you have what it takes to qualify for a working visa? Canada is here to help you find out!

Are You a Federal Skilled Worker?

Before you continue, you have to know if you qualify as a skilled worker. These are persons whose jobs are grouped into three different levels by the NOC (National Occupational Classification). These levels are 0, A and B.

Here are a few examples of what jobs fit into each of these categories.

  • 0 NOC:
    • Agricultural managers;
    • Construction managers;
    • Computer and information managers;
    • Engineering managers;
    • Financial managers; and
    • Retail and wholesale managers
  • A NOC:
    • Architects;
    • Chemist;
    • Civil Engineers;
    • Financial auditors and accountants;
    • Registered nurses; and
    • Computer programmers
  • B NOC:
    • Administrative officers;
    • Agricultural inspectors;
    • Cooks;
    • Electrical technicians;
    • Opticians; and
    • Metal workers

If your job is not listed here, do not worry. You can check out the IRCC’s website to see if you have the right job for the FSWP. There are 80 jobs listed under these three levels, so yours could be one of them.

Other factors that play a part in this are that you must have at least one year of working experience in an accepted job that fits into the 0, A or B NOC levels.

A job offer for a permanent position is also a good thing to have if you are hoping to apply for the FSWP.

Processing Time For a Working Visa Canada

Processing time for a working visa Canada is really short in most cases taking no longer than three months to complete. For some of the slower applications, the Canada work visa can take between six to nine months.

Steps for a Work Visa FSWP

  1. Create an Express Entry profile and receive an EIO (Express of Interest) from a province. Unlike the old process, you no longer need to apply with the Canadian job bank and create an account.
  2. Get a CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score based off of the following factors:
    1. Age;
    2. Education;
    3. Work experience;
    4. Occupation;
    5. Job offers;
    6. Skill sets;
    7. Employment offers;
    8. Language ability
  3. Get an ITA (Invitation to Apply) as a permanent resident. If you do happen to get an ITA, you must apply within 60 days or you will not be able to continue your application.
  4. Get security and medical checks done. Please note that medical checks must be done by medical professionals who are accepted by the Canadian government. These individuals belong to the Canadian panel of physicians.
  5. Review your application through an Immigration Officer, who will decide on your application’s acceptance
  6. Pay a permanent residency fee and have a valid passport. Please note that there are certain passport exempt countries that do not need to follow this step.

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