How to Apply for a Canadian Working Holiday Visa from Chile

In times that feel very unsettled, it's natural to feel indecisive about your choices regarding your future. Determining where you’ll be in the next few weeks, let alone next year seems strange, but in actual fact, starting the application process of your Canadian Working Holiday Visa from Chile now could be the best start to a new year.        

The 2020 International Experience Canada (IEC) or Working Holiday Visa Season, is still open and there are still spots available! There are over 30 countries that qualify for this program and Chile is one of them.      

Each country has a certain quota and so far the following categories have the following number of spaces available for Chileans:

  • Working Holiday: 183 spots available
  • Young Professionals: 3 spots available
  • International Co-op: 3 spots available

At this point in the round of selection draws, the best chance of getting a working holiday visa through International Experience Canada (IEC) is through the Working Holiday Program. And the best part? You’ll not only have a year to use your visa but if you’re thinking about moving to Canada in the future, your Canadian work experience could count towards being eligible to apply for permanent residency! 

To get started on the adventure of a lifetime, simply click the link below to check your eligibility or keep reading for tips on your Canadian visa application.  

Top Tips for Your Working Holiday Visa Application

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Top Tip 1: Make sure you’re eligible

Having a professional eligibility test is the best way to get started on your Canadian adventure. We’ve already established that Chile is one of the participating countries out of 35 that are allowed to take part in this life-changing initiative. Now let's look at what else you’ll need to qualify under each section of the International Experience Canada Program.   

You will need the following to qualify for the Working Holiday Visa:

  • Want to work anywhere in Canada for any employer in any location and earn some money while you travel.

You will need the following to qualify for the Young Professionals:

  • Valid job offer in Canada
  • To work for the same company for your stay in Canada;
  • Be paid for your work; and
  • Not be self-employed.

You will need the following to qualify for the International Co-op:

  • A post-secondary student enrolled in an institution
  • A Canadian work placement or internship;
  • To work for the same company for your stay in Canada;
  • Internship or work placement must be essential to complete your qualification; and
  • Not be self-employed.

Please note that your chances of getting a Canadian visa are increased when you use an accredited immigration and visa consultant. 

Top Tip 2: Be Sure to Apply Early

Applying early is a must as the Working Holiday Program is one of Canada's most popular programs, such as, which means that spots fill up quickly. Similar to the Express Entry system there are regular draws that take place. There is only one draw pool that every profile will be entered into, no matter what program you have your heart set on. You will be asked a set of questions that will help determine which pool is best for you. If you are selected to you will receive an ITA (Invitation to Apply).    

Once you receive your invitation you will need to apply for your work permit using your IEC profile within 20 days of accepting the invitation. This is different from your application for a working holiday visa. You may only get an invitation for one pool at a time and only when you refuse one could you be accepted by another. This is the only way for you to apply for an IEC work permit.   

It is important to note that the average processing time is 4 weeks but this does not include the time it will take to process your work permit.  


Top Tip 3: Have Your Supporting Documents Ready

Although you do not need to submit your supporting documents with your Working Holiday Visa application you will need the following documents to complete your profile and to complete your IEC work permit if invited to apply. 

Make sure that you have the following documents on hand:

  • Biometrics;
  • Proof of financial support;
  • Medical Exams;
  • Health insurance;
  • Police Certificates;
  • CV/Resume;
  • Passport;
  • Digital Photo;
  • Family information;
  • eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) or Visitor Visa application);
  • School reference (if applicable);
  • Proof of job offer (if applicable).

Please note that if you are unable to get a hold of some of these documents due to lockdowns or restrictions set in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you will be eligible for an extension.

And the best part, your visa is valid for 12 months, which means that if you apply for your Working Holiday Visa now, you’ll be able to activate your visa this time next year!

Ready to get started on your Canadian Adventure? Simply click the link below and let's begin! 

Let Us Help You Apply for a Canadian Visa


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