Job Opportunities In Hamilton

The decline of the steel industry of Hamilton has been well documented after most of the steel manufacturing companies either closed or went through downsizing. But is Hamilton all about steel and the manufacturing industry or does the City have other emerging industries? We take a look at the jobs in Hamilton, and which industries are employing and desperately looking for employees.

Health and Community Services Manager

happy smiling doctor

The ever growing health sector in Hamilton has seen the emergence of the position of health and community services manager that covers areas of health, social, education and community services and is especially concerned with public health.

The position holds high responsibility and though job opportunities are readily available, the position has seen a drop in posts available with only 6,200 jobs advertised in the last two years.

The position requires one to have a University or college degree, the salary is fairly lucrative, and a health and community services manager in Hamilton gets a median salary of $100,000 or more depending on seniority and responsibility.

Senior Business Manager

Hamilton is considered one of the most commercially competitive cities in Canada, and business managers are a coveted breed in this industry. This is a private sector top level position that involves the management of financ and business development.

Since 2008, job prospects in this field have grown to an availability of 27,000 positions and the number is still growing. Experienced managers who have held a senior position before are in demand. A median salary of $ 97,000 or more is given to business managers and one is required to have a postgraduate degree as a minimum, further, training is provided as you gain on the job experience.

Mapping Technologist

Hamilton has seen an explosion in the technology sector, and one field that has really gained momentum in the city is the need for location-aware hardware and software applications. Mapping technologists also known as mapping analysts are involved in the creation location-aware software’s that help in the natural resources sector.

The median salary $70,000 is among the lowest in the technology field, however, the position has had a growth of over 25% in job opportunities in the last three years alone. There are predictions that the position will have 1.59 jobs available for every qualified worker by the year 2022.

Power Systems Operator

construction foreman working in office

Hamilton is historically an industrial city and continues to be so today with a wide range of manufacturing industries in the city. Power station operators are responsible for managing and monitoring the city’s utility and large industrial installations.

For you to qualify in this group of highly specialised technicians and operators, you need a college power engineering qualification and upon completion, the city council also provides further training and certifications. A median salary of $84,000 is given to power station operators and is expected to continue growing in the next few years.

Public Administration Director

A civil service position that covers a wide range of jobs in the public sector. As senior administrators, they are tasked with maintaining relations between different government departments at a provincial level, while also making sure that legislatures are being followed and adhered to.

A requirement of a bachelor’s degree is non-negotiable though a graduate degree in the field of law is also considered with relevant experience to back it up. Public sector directors are among the highest paid in government with a median salary of $100,000 or above.

Statistician and Actuary

After the drop in the steel manufacturing industry, Hamilton caught onto the emergence of the technology industry, bringing about a need for data analyses on a large scale.

A field for those with a feel for numbers, statisticians are responsible for making sense of digital data and using it to make business decisions in the field of finance, retail, communications, natural resources and more. Qualifications in mathematics and computer science are required and those with a finance or insurance background are also considered.

The increase in demand for statisticians in the last five years has seen a significant growth in salary, and the current median salary stands at $90,000.Employers are also prepared to pay more to a talented statistician today than at any time in the history of the industry.

If you are looking to move to Canada and find that dream job you have always wanted, make Hamilton one of your possible destinations because the port city continues to prove that it has more to offer than just steel.