Job Opportunities in Calgary

If you are looking for work in Canada, then you have certainly come to the right place! In our recent post about Calgary, we introduce you to what it is like to live in this lively city. In today’s insert, we tell you all about how to contribute to Calgary’s booming economy and how to land a job in this vigorous city.

Sales, Marketing & Advertising

If you fancy yourself a ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ and have a passion for selling, then Calgary wants you! There is a huge demand for salespeople, marketing specialists and those who are interested in the advertising industry.

Accommodation, Hospitality & Service Managers

Because Calgary has a large influx of tourists all year round, the hospitality and accommodation industry is always thriving. This in turn creates a need for management staff to make sure that all is in order when the tourists arrive. This is a particularly important job as these people are largely responsible for how foreigners perceive Canada and its culture.

Engineers & Technicians (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical)

Calgary may be found among the prairie lands and alongside a river, but it is on the forefront of modernity. Therefore, Calgary is always in search of engineers and technicians to improve, innovate and better their industries.


A steady growing city needs builders right? There will always be a demand for construction workers as these people are the very reason cities exist at all. The construction industry is a much sought after one as it does not necessarily require a formal education certificate and has no strict requirements.

Specialists & Physicians

As you may know by now, Canada’s healthcare system is completely governmentally funded. As a result of this, Canada aims to produce the best healthcare facilities for all of its citizens and calls on all specialists and physicians worldwide to contribute to their medical research initiatives.