Things you should know in your Canadian job interview

Do you think that you have what it takes to ace a Canadian job interview? If the answer is no, then we have the solution to all of your problems below. Searching for a job is a difficult process so congratulations on landing an interview, now it’s time to work on making the best impression and finally obtaining your dream job.

Top employers are always looking for good candidates

It goes without saying that if you are good, you will always be considered as a good option for hire. Therefore, you should approach the employer with specifics which highlight how you can contribute and make a difference in their company. The way you do this is by making mention of your qualifications and experience.

Present yourself as the right candidate

A commonly asked question is to explain why you are the ‘right’ candidate for the job. At this point, you should prepare a short pitch – no more than 4 sentences – on why they should hire you. In this pitch, spend time on advertising your strengths and skills.

Know your resume

First things first, do not lie! It is important that your resume be as honest as possible because there is a large likelihood that you will be asked questions based on your past experience and qualifications. If your answers do not reflect what is on your resume, you may be viewed as dishonest or ill-prepared.

Communication skills are very important

In any profession, it is always a show of good character if you are able to articulate yourself well. Communication is vital and employers need candidates who can communicate effectively and be vocal about their specific roles.

Do your research

This is perhaps the most overlooked step in the preparation process. Before even applying for a job, do thorough research on the company so that you are well acquainted with the company values, competitors and their products and services. Learning the basics takes very little time and it will also safeguard you against any possible questions you may asked about the role you are applying for.

Be confident

Confidence is key. If you are a shy person, feign a degree of confidence by making sure your posture is straight and by speaking slowly and clearly – try not to mumble and fidget. Pay close attention to what you say and how you say it as impressions are being formed as you are speaking.

Show eagerness

You may be asked why you applied for that specific position and in that case, you will need a strong motivation. The best way to answer this question is to be sincere and tell them exactly what made you keen enough to apply.

Don’t lose faith

Rejection happens sometimes. In the event that your application is unsuccessful, try not to lose faith and most importantly, do not take it personally. Find out ways to improve yourself and keep persevering.