Latest BC PNP Draws for Entrepreneurs, Skilled Workers and Graduates

The province of British Columbia (BC) invited 356 applicants in the latest BC PNP draws that occurred on 30 January, 2019. These included the following categories and streams, the SI (Skills Immigration) Skilled Worker, SI International Graduate, SI Entry level and Semi Skilled Worker. Through the Express Entry BC, the province also invited applicants through Skilled Worker and International Graduate categories. Another category involved was the Entrepreneur Immigration stream.

British Columbia and Express Entry

All applicants who were nominated under the BC Provincial Nominee Program Express Entry (EE) categories required a profile that was created under the EE system. This system manages applicants who apply under any of the federal programs, namely the:

  • Canadian Experience Class;
  • Federal Skilled Trades Class; and
  • Federal Skilled Worker Class

The BC PNP is connected to the federal EE system to let qualified workers with in demand jobs become permanent residents.

About the EE BC Skilled Worker Category

Two of the categories in the latest draws were the EE BC Skilled Worker that lets you immigrate so long as you met the requirements of one of the three federal programs, have a NOC level 0, A or B occupation and two years of relevant work experience.

About the EE BC International Graduate Category

diverse group of international graduates

The EE BC International Graduate category required that you had graduated from a university of college in the province, met the minimum language requirements and qualified under one of the EE federal program. Additionally, you need a full time job offer for an NOC level 0, A or B occupation and have a BC degree that you got within the past three years.

Nominations Under the Skills Immigration

All applicants invited through the Entry Level and Semi Skilled, Skilled Worker and International Graduates categories, registered under the BC PNP Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS).

The SIRS uses a point system to evaluate applicants according to multiple factors, including education, work experience and language ability in French or English. These scores determine which applicants will receive a nomination.

All of the applicants who got a Provincial Nomination under the Skills Immigration Stream had their application processed through Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada.

In case you didn’t know, a Provincial Nomination (PN) allows a province or territory to invite applicants to become permanent residents of that region. This process allows provinces to invite people who will be best for their economy.

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Any PN given to applicants through the Express Entry system gives an additional 600 points to the CRS score that can almost guarantee you an invitation to apply as a permanent resident.

In the latest draw, there were three categories that applied through the Skilled Immigration Stream the SI for Skilled Worker, International Graduate and Entry Level and Semi-Skilled categories.

About the SI Skilled Worker Category

The SI Skilled Worker category is for occupations that are in high demand. This extends to the workers who are employed in managerial, technical or skilled occupations under NOC (National Occupational Classification) 0, A or B levels. Additionally, applicants had to have at least two years of work experience in their field to apply under this category.

About the SI International Graduates Category

The SI for International Graduates category is for applicants who have studied in BC within the past three years of completing a course in the province. As with the other SI categories, applicants are given a score based on their skills and occupation. Those who scored the highest got a nomination from British Columbia.

Notably, applicants who have a NOC level B occupation needed to meet lower language requirements to apply for this draw.

About the SI Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Category

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The SI Entry Level and Semi Skilled category is aimed to help workers involved in the hospitality, transport and food processing industries to apply to become a permanent resident of the province.

Applicants who were invited in the latest BC PNP draw had to have a full-time job offer for a occupation listed as a NOC level C or D in BC. They also needed to have at least nine months of work experience before they could qualify and enough funds to support themselves and their dependants when they move.

Are You An Entrepreneur? Discover the Entrepreneur Immigration Program

Of the 356 invitations given out in the latest BC PNP draws, 19 of these invitations were given to applicants who applied under the Entrepreneur Immigration stream.

The great news is that latest Entrepreneur draw had one of the lowest scores needed to apply ever! You only needed 109 points to get an invitation to the province.

Hoping to apply to BC as an entrepreneur? Let’s see if you can meet the minimum requirements for the program.

Under the Entrepreneur Immigration program, you must:

Have a networth of at least CAD$600,000;
Have previous managerial experience for at least three years or four years of experience as a senior manager;
Have legal immigration status to apply;
Have the intent to invest at least CAD$200,000 into the business;
Have the intent to be involved in the daily running of the company;
Have plans to live no further than 100 kilometers from your business;
Have passed secondary level education or have experience managing a company under full 100% ownership; and
Have the ability to create at least one full-time job for local residents within one year of arriving

Worried about investing $200,000? There are other options for you like the Entrepreneur Regional Pilot Program, which only requires a $100,000 investment. You can learn more about the program below.

About the Entrepreneur Regional Pilot

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This Entrepreneur program was created to help the province attract potential applicants who can assist with establishing or creating new business in the province to bring about new jobs and help grow local economies.

Because the BC PNP Entrepreneur Regional Pilot focuses on developing local economies, the community helps to assist all applicants on their journey and act as their support structure.

The pilot is designed specifically for communities that have 75,000 people or less and are away from high density towns and cities.

The Entrepreneur Immigration Pilot requires that you have:

Three years of valid business experience running your own company;
Plans to live and work no more than 100 kilometers from your business;
Met all the requirements to lawfully apply such as a net worth of CAD$300,000;
Passed at least a post secondary education or have fully owned your own company with 100% ownership; and
Submit a full and detailed business plan to show your business can succeed in local markets;
Intend to invest at least CAD$100,000 into your business;
Demonstrate that you can create at least one job for full time employment;
Plan to complete a exploratory visit in the province prior to applying to the program; and
Plan to own at least 51% of the company

The program itself was created for entrepreneurs who want to start a new business and not invest in an existing one.

Who Got an Invitation in the Latest BC PNP Draws?

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The latest draws helped a number of applicants apply on the 30 January, 2019. Below are the scores applicants needed to get in order to receive an invitation.

What SIRS points did you need to apply under the various categories
CategoryScore Required
EEBC Skilled Worker85
EEBC International Graduates95
SI Skilled Worker85
SI International Graduate95
SI Entry Level and Semi Skilled68
Entrepreneur Immigration109

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