New Canada Express Entry Draw Invites 3,350 Newcomers

Thanks to the latest Canada Express Entry draw, another 3,350 newcomers will call the country home in 2019. This draw brings the total number of Invitations to Apply for Canadian permanent residence issued in 2019 to 14,500. With so many ITAs having been issued, 2019 continues to be the biggest year for Express Entry since the system’s introduction.

If you want to immigrate to Canada quickly, Express Entry is the way to go. Discover how the system works, details of the latest draw and how to apply for Express Entry right here.

How the Canada Express Entry System Works

The Express Entry system was created to process Canadian immigration applications faster and more efficiently. Canada is in great need of immigrants to fill the jobs left vacant by an aging workforce. In simple terms, the country urgently needs foreigners to fill a surplus of jobs. For this reason, Express Entry manages the pool of candidates for the three main economic Canadian immigration programs - the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Trades Program and the Canadian Experience Class.

If you would like your application to be processed through the Express Entry system, you will have to meet the requirements of one of the programs mentioned above and create an online Express Entry profile. Creating your profile is a simple step involving several questionnaires and forms about your personal history.

After completing your online profile, you will be assigned a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score which takes into consideration factors like your age, language ability, education, work experience and ability to adapt to life in Canada. Your profile will then be added to the Express Entry pool of candidates where your profile will be ranked against others based on your CRS score.Latest Canada Express Entry draw invites newcomers to Toronto

Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) holds regular Express Entry draws where they issue Invitations to Apply for Canadian permanent residence to candidates with the highest CRS scores. So if you want to secure yourself an ITA, you will have to improve your CRS score.

Earning a provincial nomination is a great way to score extra CRS points. Each province and territory of Canada has at least one Express Entry linked category of their Provincial Nominee Program whereby eligible Express Entry candidates can apply for a provincial nomination. Each Provincial Nominee Program is different, which is why an immigration professional, like a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant’s (RCIC), assistance is so useful. A provincial nomination nets you an additional 600 CRS points essentially guaranteeing you an ITA in the next Express Entry draw. If you are worried about your CRS score, here are 5 more tips to increase your points.

Details of the Latest Canada Express Entry Draw

Of the 3,350 candidates that received ITAs, the candidate with the lowest CRS score was 457. The tie-break was also used in this draw and the time stamp used was December 6, 2018, at 12:38:11. In other words, candidates who had CRS scores of more than 457 and candidates who had CRS scores of 457 and entered their profile into the Express Entry pool before the time stamp all received ITAs.

If you have been following the trends of Express Entry draws, you may have noticed that the most recent draw’s minimum CRS score is much higher than normal. In fact, the February 20 draw’s minimum CRS score is a whole 19 points more than the previous draw.

The increase in CRS score can be explained by looking at the time taken between draws. Longer times between draws means the Express Entry pool has more time to fill up with more candidates, creating more competition between the profiles. 21 days passed between the previous two draws, whereas only 7 days passed between the January 23 and January 30 draws. As you can see below, less time between draws lead to lower CRS scores and longer time between draws lead to higher draws.

Canada Express Entry draw CRS scores.

Despite this great increase in CRS scores, we believe this year will see lower minimum CRS cut-off scores than ever before because the IRCC has the largest quota to meet this year yet. We are sure more frequent draws will be held this year, meaning CRS scores are bound to drop.

The following descriptions are hypothetical examples of the type of profiles that received ITAs.

Sara is a 27-year-old teacher from Australia. After completing her master's degree she worked in Sydney as an elementary school teacher for three years. She is fluent in English and scored high in her IELTS exam. Her total CRS score comes to 475 which is more than enough to have qualified for an ITA.

Peter is a 29-year-old banker with 5 years of work experience under his belt. He has an undergraduate degree in business science and a postgraduate degree in business administration. He scored well in IELTS, but he is not fluent in English. This brings his CRS score to 458, which is enough to have received an ITA in the latest Canada Express Entry Draw.The Canada Express Entry system brings the country within arm's reach.

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