Express Entry 2018 Hits Record High

Canada has set a new record in its latest Express Entry 2018 draws. Over 22,700 people have been Invited to apply for permanent residence in Canada!

Thanks to these three programs under the Express Entry system more people have made Canada their home.

  • The Federal Skilled Worker Class;
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Class; and
  • The Canadian Experience Class

All of these programs require you to score well on the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). This system takes several factors into account, including your education, work experience, language skills, who you are moving to Canada with and many more.

You can score a possible 1,200 points on the CRS. Your score is critical for all three of these programs and could lead to you getting an ITA to a province or territory.

Thanks to these six new changes to the Express Entry system it has become even easier to apply and move to Canada than ever before.

Express Entry 2018 Draw Scores

woman completing an application form

The latest EE draw held on October 3, 2018 only required applicants to have 445 points to be selected.

This draw also ended up inviting 3,900 candidates compared to the last draw of September 24, that invited only 400 people.

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Express Entry 2018 Goals and Plans for the Future

Canada has invited more than 66,400 people this year and plans to hit its yearly goal of 74,900 by December.

Because Canada has to meet its growing economic needs, it plans to increase its immigration goals for EE in 2019 to 81,400 people.

This has been a very positive quarter for Canada in terms of ITAs. You can check out the results for the third quarter and previous years to see how Canada has been adapting its goals for the future.

Year ITA
2015 9,084
2016 5,294
2017 18,135
2018 22,800

ITAs for EE is Increasing Every Year

coastline in Vancouver, Canada

The number of ITAs offered by Canada increased by 25.7% since 2017 and that number just keeps on growing every year.

You could qualify under the Express Entry system if you have a CRS score in the range of 442 and 445 as this is the average score set by monthly EE draws.

There are around 70 immigration streams and programs in Canada to apply for, each with their own set of requirements. Discover more about how you can immigrate to Canada with Express Entry 2018.