Express Entry: Indian Citizens Received the Most ITAs since 2017

Wondering which nationalities have the most success when it comes to Canadian immigration? The results may just surprise you. According to the 2019 Express Entry Year-End Report, 85, 300 ITAs were issued to Express Entry candidates, and a whopping 40, 275 of those ITAs were issued to citizens of India while the second most ITA’s of 5, 886 went to citizens of Nigeria, and another 5, 668 were issued to citizens of China. 

Indian, Nigerian, and Chinese citizens have been dominating the top three spots since 2017. How do they do it? ITA’s are issued to those who not only meet the minimum requirements of Express Entry immigration programs but have competitive profiles and high CRS scores.

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Which Nationalities Receive the Most ITAs?

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Thousands of skilled Indian, Nigerian, and Chinese citizens pursue Canadian immigration every year and according to a new report, most of them are successful in their endeavors.

The report further reveals that nearly two-thirds of principal applicants (62%) who submitted an application for permanent residence through Express Entry in 2019 indicated Ontario as the province of destination followed by British Columbia and Alberta.

Express Entry ITA’s Issues by Top 10 Countries of Citizenship
CountryITA’s Issued in 2019Percentage of total ITA’s Issued
1.India40, 27547%
2.Nigeria5, 8867%
3.China5, 6687%
4.Pakistan2, 5093%
5.United Kingdom2, 1282%
6.Brazil1, 8012%
7.United States1, 5612%
8.Iran1, 4752%
9.France1, 4552%
10.South Korea1, 2251%

What Is an ITA?

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Receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) is not the same as obtaining permanent residency status but it does indicate that you have a great chance of becoming a successful applicant. It’s simply formal permission from the Canadian government to submit an official application for permanent residency. Essentially, it's the first part of a two-part process.

ITAs are issued to Express Entry candidates. Express Entry is Canada’s most popular immigration system designed for skilled foreign workers. It’s popular due to its speed and flexibility. Express Entry manages three different economic immigration programs and is linked to a few provincial nomination programs as well.

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