July 11 Draw Invites 494 Skilled Workers to Manitoba

Manitoba province has invited a total of 494 Skilled Workers to settle in the province as permanent residents in a draw that took place on July 11, 2017. These candidates and their family members are now in a position to apply for immigration to Manitoba through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP).  

The MPNP is a Canadian immigration program that allows the province of Manitoba to welcome new immigrants who have the ability to establish themselves and their families in Manitoba, based on eligibility criteria set by the province.

When it comes to finding a skilled and employable labour force, Canada’s Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program makes it its number one mission. The MPNP is utilized as a means of finding individuals and skilled labour that benefit economically to Manitoba’s populace for the overall good of the region. This skilled search looks for both workers in different countries and those that are seeking full residence in Manitoba, regardless of work commitments. If you fit into either one of these categories, you should consider applying with the MPNP. Applicants will be assessed on a variety of skills including language skills, age, and other employment specific attributes. To streamline and make the process run more smoothly, it can be very beneficial for an individual to find a qualified immigration specialist or consultant that can work to identify the best way to utilize this immigration program. 

The Manitoba PNP immigration program requires documentation that proves that the skills held by the individual as testified to be factual and accurate. A demonstrative assessments test may also be required as well as pre-employment screening. If all requirements are met to the necessary thresholds, the applicant may be permitted to use an advanced and expedite immigration program that would speed up citizenship approval for residency in the province of Manitoba.

Two of the attributes that must be proven are:

Manitoba adaptability

This is an attribute that is proven based upon an applicant’s proven ability to move to the area and be thriving citizens. They must prove that they will make a positive and beneficial contribution if they are in fact granted residency in the province. It is the hypothetical assessment of whether or not their employees will contribute to the overall benefits of living in Manitoba.  

Manitoba employability

This is an attribute that is based on a wide variety of personal and employment factors. This includes things like the ability to speak the language, whether or not there is a demand for the positions and job categories in which they would work, and the types of skills that would transfer with them if employed. It is, in essence, a value assessment made on the potential employee. 

In the July 11 draw, 458 candidates were issued with an LAA under the criteria Skilled Workers in Manitoba sub-category. The lowest ranking candidate had a score of 612. The remaining LAAs were issued to candidates in the Skilled Workers Overseas sub-category who were directly invited by the MPNP under a Strategic Recruitment Initiative. Each one of these candidates had 712 or more points.  

Experience and education

Canadian flag with graduation hat and books

When applying with the MPNP, you can make an employment request outside of your field. However, it is the right of the MPNP to decide what your major area of experience and educational background suit you based upon your current employment title or your area of the most experienced.  

The economic and labour force needs of the province of Manitoba will determine eligibility for the program. They will assess the current requirements for workers and where there is a lack of viable employees. It is, in essence, a supply and demand evaluation as well as an examination of the market factors.

Ability in Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Etc.

Assimilation is taken very seriously in Manitoba, and those individuals expecting to make the move, need to understand that language ability is an important one. Without communication and the ability to clearly define thought, there is no way that an individual will not struggle through the move to the province. It is also a necessary skill for most employment opportunities and work locations.   

For the aforementioned reasons, language is evaluated by the MPNP program very thoroughly. Those that are applying will be required to demonstrate their English skills as a way to prepare them for application in the job world. The threshold level is, on average, a level four. However, the industry and the applicant pool can dictate this number to be higher and many times it is. Applicants will be evaluated on their abilities to read, write, speak, and understand English.

Before any person is accepted into the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP), they must be able to provide documentation that they are able to speak the English language. This is done through a designated and approved testing locale. If, however, you are a temporary worker already living in the region, this will not apply to you or your situation. You can, in essence, avoid proving your language skills and move forward through the process as is required.

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