Latest Express Entry Draw Breaks ITA Record!

As we had predicted, the Express Entry Invitations to Apply (ITAs) record has been broken! That is not the only noteworthy feature of the latest Express Entry draw - let’s just say more than one record has just been broken. If you would like to immigrate to Canada in the fastest possible time, you need to get familiar with the Express Entry system. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the latest Express Entry draw so that you can make the move to Canada in 2019.

Details of the latest Express Entry Draw

On the 19th of December 2018, just a week after the previous draw, the latest Express Entry draw was held. Apart from breaking the record number of ITAs of 2017, the latest draw also had the lowest minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of the entire year, a low of 439!

One of the reasons why the CRS score dropped to such a low could be because the period between the last two draws was merely one week, meaning there were fewer candidates available in the Express Entry pool. Draws are normally held every two weeks and have an average CRS score of around 445 points.Wave the Canadian flag 3,900 newcomers will come to Canada thanks to the latest Express Entry draw.

As was the case with the previous few draws, 3,900 ITAs were issued to qualifying candidates. With another 3,900 ITAs added to the total of 2018, the total number of ITAs for the year comes to an impressive 89,900. Seeing as 2017 issued 86,023, 2018 broke the record with as many as 3,777 ITAs!

The number of 3,900 ITAs should by now indicate to you that the tie-break rule was used in the latest Express Entry Draw. This is because the number was predetermined at 3,900 before considering the applicants in the Express Entry pool. The time stamp for the tie-break was set on February 6, 2018, at 19:31:37 UTC. This means that all candidates who had a CRS score of more than 439 and candidates who had CRS scores of 439 (who entered their completed profile into the Express Entry profile before the time stamp) received ITAs in the latest draw.

Below you will find some illustrations of the kind of profiles that qualified for the latest Express Entry draw

Adam is a 26-year-old teacher who has a bachelor’s degree in foundation phase education. He is unmarried and decided to immigrate to Canada without ever having worked there before. He has five years of work experience in New Zealand. He scored an 8 on all four categories of the IELTS test. This brings his CRS score to 441, enough to receive an ITA in the latest draw.

Susan is a 29-year-old dentist who has been practicing in Australia for the past seven years. She is married and is fluent in English. Her tertiary education included a postgraduate degree in orthopedics. Her friend made the move to Canada recently and she would like to follow suit. Her CRS score is 452.

Ibrahim is a 29-year-old accountant living in Qatar. He is not married and has 8 years of work experience. He scored an eight for his IELTS test in all categories. He has a postgraduate degree in finance and has never worked in Canada. His CRS score is 440, just-just enough to get an ITA.

The Great Canadian Express Entry System

Processing times of immigration programs can take a long time, which is why Canada started the Express Entry system in 2015. This system manages the pool of candidates for the Federal Skilled Trades Class, Federal Skilled Worker Class and Canadian Experience Class.

The Express Entry system has enjoyed great success because if candidates qualify for one of the programs managed by it, they can immigrate to Canada in as little as six months! Each year Canada greatly increases the Express Entry target for skilled workers.How many newcomers will British Columbia home following the latest Express Entry draw?

If the Express Entry system appeals to you, you will need to know how it works to make sure you qualify. Thankfully, we will make it easy to understand for you. The first step is to create an online Express Entry profile. To do this you will have to answer a series of questions about yourself. It is important that you answer these questions truthfully because you will be assigned a CRS score based on these questions that will be used to rank you against other candidates who would like to immigrate to Canada. The higher your CRS score the more likely you will be chosen during the next Express Entry Draw.

One of the great things about the Express Entry system is that you can edit your profile in the Express Entry profile whenever you want to. So if you have a lower CRS score and you are worried about being chosen for the next draw, you can follow our six simple tips to improve your CRS score, to improve your chances of immigrating to Canada.

If you get chosen during an Express Entry draw, you will be issued an ITA for Canadian permanent residence. Please note this is a time-sensitive process so act quickly. You will only have 60 days to complete your application once you get your ITA! Make sure you do not miss this deadline so that you can pack your bags for Canada.

How we Help You

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