Latest Express Entry Draw Issues Highest Number of ITA’s Since January

The 127th Express Entry draw for 2019 took place on 2 October and saw 3,900 applicants receive invitations to apply for permanent residence in Canada. This is the highest number of ITA’s issued all year, tied with a draw that took place in January 2019 which also issued 3,900 invitations to apply. Canada recently announced that 80,000 jobs need to be filled and this could be a contributing factor to this high number. The cut-off CRS score for this draw was 464.

What is the Express Entry Draw?

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Canada is faced with a problem regarding the sheer size of the country in relation to its sparse population. This is problematic for the economy, as they do not have enough people to supply the labor market with sufficient skilled workers. To combat this, they turned to immigration in 2015, in the form of the Express Entry Program. This program is aimed at skilled workers from other countries who are looking to move to Canada. Through the Express Entry program, the applications of these eligible candidates are fast-tracked, and they are able to get to Canada in as little as six months!

Who is Eligible For The Express Entry Program?

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Due to the fact that Express Entry can get people to Canada in such a short period of time, it is undoubtedly the most popular route (out of 70) of applying to go to Canada. Despite its popularity, not everyone is eligible to apply through this program. The eligibility criteria are subject to change and are also dependent on an individual's specific circumstances, but there exists a general list of eligibility criteria that every applicant in this program needs to adhere to. This list includes but is not limited to age, education, skill level, occupation and level of experience within that designated profession, language proficiency in either English or French, and the ability to adapt to life in Canada following immigration.

How well a candidate fares in these categories is measured against the Comprehensive Ranking System, which produces a CRS score. This is an important component of the Express Entry program because when the Express Entry draw takes place, it is the candidates with the highest CRS scores in the Express Entry pool that receive an Invitation to Apply(ITA). Upon the receipt of an ITA, a candidate has a period of 60 days to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

What if I Don’t Have a CRS Score High Enough?

Having a low CRS score could result in not being issued with an ITA when an Express Entry draw rolls around. This may sound like a nightmare, but all hope is not lost. There are a number of things you can do to improve your CRS score. This includes retaking your language tests and preparing well so you get a better result, furthering your education and gaining more experience in your field. The nice thing about the Express Entry profile is that you can log back in at any time to update the details which affect your Comprehensive Ranking System score.

Where Do We Come In?

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Moving to Canada is a decision that is not to be taken lightly. The process itself can feel extensive and daunting. With the help of our credible and experienced RCIC’s at MDC who have helped many others make their way to Canada, you can focus on being excited about this new journey while we handle all the red tape. Tap into our services to get closer to living your Canadian dream!